Monday, July 26, 2010

Asiafood & Midas

Today I did a swing trade scan using metastock explorer on all the singapore stock, afew stock came out, AsiaFood was the best among the rest. As for short term, it is trading between the uptrend channel. It was in the oversold position since last wednesday, on friday it fulfilled the second criteria by entering the 20, 40 zone. The swing trade setup will consider trigger if it hit 0.575 tommorrow(above the previous day high)

Midas, a stock that has been in my watchlist for quite some time seems to have a little action lately.Should have bought it earlier when signal 2weeks ago where the color of the candlestick change orange to blue, but now is still not too late, the price is still within that region. On friday it broke the downtrend resistance line, signify that the stock maybe ending its downtrend soon.