Friday, December 27, 2013

Having an Upper Hand in 2014 Through Feng Shui and Charts

 4th January 2014 (Saturday), 2:00pm– 5:00pm 

Hear what we have to say for 2014, is it a good time to put our money in the market? We are honoured to invite our special guest Master Jo Ching to give us some tips to increase our luck, giving us a better edge in making money in the market. If you want to have an upper hand, be it from Technical Analysis or Feng Shui. Don’t miss this talk!

Who should attend?
  • Investors who feel that they have missed the boat in June's rally and don't want to miss it again in the coming months.
  • Investors who want to find a way to achieve consistency in trading.
  • Investors who feel that they are having bad luck and wanted some change.

Master Jo Ching's Topic will be: 
“Making Calculated Move in 2014 through Feng Shui”
  • Luck forecast for 12 Animal Signs for 2014
  • How to activate Wealth and Career Luck at home in 2014

Andy Yew will be sharing:
  • How you can make money in Up or Down market
  • The full technical analysis of the current market
  • How to Identify stocks that consistently beat-the-market
Venue: Level 6, Presentation Room, Raffles City Tower, Singapore 179101
Fee: Free Admission

Master Jo Ching, founder of DestinyAsia Global Consultancy, is a classical feng shui practitioner that also provides trainings to enthusiasts and practitioners who strive to excel in the field of Chinese Metaphysics.
Besides, he also works with companies to conduct seminars and public speaking such as Prudential, HDB, Singtel, Capitaland, Citibank, JTC Corporation, Today’s Motherhood, Crown Worldwide, Business Network International, The British Club and etc.
He has been interviewed by Yahoo, The Prestige Magazine, Straits Time Razor TV  and Asiaone on topics like Feng Shui at Marina Bay and Dragon Year Chinese Zodiac Forecast.  You can find out more about him at    
Andy Yew graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University with a Bachelor in Business (Economic and Finance). He started trading equities since 2005; during his early trading days, he had a lot of setbacks and realised the importance of receiving coaching in trading. He is the founder of ART Stock Trading System– he began coaching in 2011 and has since conducted more than 100 seminars. Trading is his passion and his objective is to equip the retail investors with the right values and skills to invest successfully in the stock market. He joined Phillip Securities as a remisier in 2010, and was also awarded the “Top Newcomer 2010″ by Phillip CFD in the same year. Besides being a columnist at Andy also actively blogs on stock analysis, you can check out his market view at

S&P US Stock market outlook

Previous Post:

In our previous post on SPY we see that there is further upside in the US market, congrats to those who followed us and traded the US market SPY is now 183.85( S&P index 1842.02). Currently RSI is close to 70, this is a sign to warn us on profit taking but not to be too worry if the price is still making new high. When price make new high, it is sign that people are buying. Just to be careful on the downside risk when it is coming down, it is time to mark your trailing stop and focus on profit protection.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Some Success by my Student in Recent trade using ART System

Dear friend, i believe many of you have been disheartened by the recent boring market. The Market is actually still good as there is still many good trend to be spotted. Below are some encouragement for you, showing the ART of riding trend, the market have been doing well for our student as we have been working hard on spotting good trending stock. 
One of our student gain 55% on Otto Marine.

On 18 December afternoon SIIC was spotted at 0.138, before breakout occurs
Current price of SIIC is 0.183, if followed our plan, now is 32% gain. These are trades which is done by full time trader. If you want to know more about our program for full time trader, pls drop me a message here.

US market outlook

S&P is above 1800 again, currently close 1810. SPY is the Exchange Traded Fund you can trade in NYSE that track the S&P500 index. Currently SPY is above 10ma and 20ma, for the past few occassion, SPY show good sign of uptrending when price is above the 20ma however some may see that it is facing the resistance now but if SPY is on an uptrend, resistance is always broken (if you see the past few breakout). A better sign for profit taking could be looking at the RSI (14days), currently RSI is showing 60, there could be further upside for the US market. Risk is a stoploss if price close below 1785.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

HKSE stock chart Kingsoft Corp 3888.HK

Since early this year, Kingsoft corp has been on an uptrend, year to date already up more than 400%, previously our system spot a risk of trend change in Novemeber and trigger a sell signal, however the stock only go sideway. Currently we see that the price has gain back strength. There might be possibility that this stock will continue its uptrend. In anycase if price go in the unfavorable direction, we will be looking at $19.50 for a stoploss.

Below are Analyst recommendation from Phillip research house.

Kingsoft  – Strong 3Q results, “Buy” rating
Recommendation: Buy
Previous close: 20.60
Fair value: 24.08

  • 3Q2013 business results: Kingsoft (KS) presented a strong quarter result; with a reporting revenue of RMB 551mn, up 11% QoQ or 51% YoY. Online game business generated RMB 271mn in revenue (up 28% YoY or flat QoQ) while application software business expanded 78% YoY (or 23% QoQ) to RMB 270mn. The operating profit for the first three quarters cumulated to RMB 504mn, representing a 64% YoY increase.
  • Mobile games business review: Mobile games segment contributed 8% of KIS revenue in 3Q13, with around 400 games on the company’s mobile game platform. With the company started monetization of its mobile user traffic, management sees potentials in mobile advertising revenue in future.
  • WPS business review: WPS business is also an important part of KS’s business. Securing big corporate contracts helped revenue from this sector rose 37% QoQ to RMB 78mn, accounting for 14% of its revenue in 3Q13. In addition to the guidelines from State Council instructing the usage of legitimate software, KS, being a leading office software vendor, is expected to benefit largely from the policy.
  • R&D as a significant cost component: R&D costs for 9M2013 rose to RMB421 mn, which is already 9% higher than the total R&D cost in 2012 (RMB 385 mn), representing 28% of total revenue. With its large investment, the 9 mobile games currently under development might further boost the revenue.
  • Valuation: We give a target price of HK$24.08 based on a sum of parts PE valuation. By applying 10x PE on online game business and 41x PE on application software due to higher growth in the business.
Click here to download for the report.

Singapore Stock Chart OEL

OEL today show strength despite market weakness, price break above previous day high with Higher volume. We also see that the price have broke the resistance line, this is a good sign to tell us that the Uptrend is still intact. Currently price is also near the 20ma at 0.113, the 20ma is good indicator for a trailing stoploss if one had entered this stock.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Free Seminar: What are the Hong Kong and Singapore Stocks to look at NOW?

FREE Hong Kong & Singapore Stocks Seminar this week, 

we will share with you:

1) Where to PICK STI stock when it bottomed
2) Stock analysis with the NEW ART SYSTEM
3) Strong Singapore and HK Stocks that will Rally after the Correction

Date: 19 Dec 2013,  Thu (English Seminar) 
Time: 7pm - 10pm

141 Cecil Street, Tung Ann Association Building #07-02 S(069541) Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G, walk straight 80m, opposite the traffic light

Speaker: Andy Yew (ART system Founder)

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or SMS <Name><Email><HP><Date><Number of seats> to93676623

S&P up 0.62% onMonday

S&P up on 0.62% Monday, we see that currently price hit the 10days SMA and 20days SMA resistance. Until we see the price close above 10ma or 20ma, then we will be bullish on the index. Long stock that is stronger than the index will be the good practice at this junction.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hong Kong Stock Chart: HC International 08292.HK

HC international is a Uptrending Hong Kong counter, already up near 400% this year. There is no sign of trend change yet but many healthy correction, only when we see it break the support at $9.80 and $9.30, we will be worrying about going down. Currently price just bounced off the $10 psychological support, we see good opportunity of entry at this level with stoploss place at 9.20

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hong Kong Stock Chart: 3323.HK China Building Material Co

Hong Kong Stock Chart: 3323.HK China Building Material Co

This stock seems to trend quite well, fit our objective to find a good stock and ride on the wave. In nov 2013 the price breakout of consolidation zone with high volume and follow through with a rally. This few day price fall as market is bad, current support level can be seen at HKD$8.12, our Buy zone are between 8.12 and 8.42. After entry stoploss can place at $8.03.

CSE Global - Bullish setup

Despite Market weakness, CSE global still hang on to price near 52wk high, above 10ma, 20ma. Current pattern is consolidating, awaiting for a breakout. Good setup with stoploss below 20ma 0.995

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Will STI show reversal soon?

For the past 5 trading session, STI was UNEXPECTEDLY down for almost a 100point, I am glad to say we are just in time to send out the SMS to our client last Wednesday when market start to fall, asking them to REDUCE their long position as STI break support.

As we have got out at the right time again! I am actually excited to pick the next LOW point of the market, many have already seen how we pick up Stock Right at the Bottom when during the STI September Correction. Opportunity is here! We are going to do it again!

In our Seminar this week, we will share with you:
1) Where to PICK STI stock when it bottomed
2) How to use the NEW POEMS 2
3) Stock analysis with the NEW ART SYSTEM
4) Strong Stocks that will Rally after the Correction

Date: 12 Dec 2013, Thu (English Seminar)  7pm - 10pm

Venue: 141 Cecil Street, Tung Ann Association Building #07-02 S(069541) Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G, walk straight 80m, opposite the traffic light

Speaker: Andy Yew (ART system Founder) 

To register pls click here 

or SMS <Name><Email><HP><Date><Number of seats> to 93676623

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

STI remain Weak on Tuesday

STI mid day down 10.56 to 3103, STI remain downtrending in short term but however the drop has slowed down as price stop making new low(base on current chart), if price break 3098 this will be sign of further weakness. We are now at a crossroad, lets see where big boys want to bring us, if they want to have a Green Christmas today and tomorrow will Buy UP above 3127, if they want a RED Christmas then we will see the break of 3098.

S&P remain Strong above the 10sma and 20sma, though it is near the previous high resistance, there is no sign of turning down yet. US market is still strong, continue to ride the wave~

HKSE Chart- Playmate Toys 00869.HK

Playmate Toys 00869.HK could be one stock we can take a look now, this stock has been going up since May 2013 where it was just HKD$0.60 till today HKD$3.23. Currently we see that it is tradeable as it is near the support at $3.00, If enter now at $3.23 stoploss can place at $2.97, targeting around $4.00

Trading Hong Kong Share with Poems

Monday, December 9, 2013

ShareInv Post on RafflesMg

Raffles Medical Group is one of the stock that is still in the positive territory despite STI going down by 32 points by Thursday afternoon. This chart is interesting because of two reasons. Firstly, for the past two weeks, the 40-day moving average has held up well as a strong support for mid-term. Secondly, yesterday’s price action showed the “strength” of this stock.
Chart On Raffles Medical Group
In my opinion, stocks that move higher in spite of declining broader market, show that they are “stronger” and unaffected by bad market sentiment. Hence, if the market turns higher, these “strong” stocks have more reason to go higher. Moreover, traders also need to take note that the immediate support is at $3.12. Do set a stop-loss if the price pierce through this level. The immediate resistance is at $3.25; short-term traders will likely take profit at this level.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Did you trade Ezra?

Base on previous Trade plan, we place the Initial Stoploss at 1.265 was not triggered. Price finally moved higher now, congrats if you have caught Ezra, What we do now is to place the stoploss at Breakeven with the 10SMA as a trailing stoploss line.

Want to know how we pick up good trades? What are the Singapore stocks to BUY and SHORT in this December market?

十二月份 可以买或卖空的股票?

Join us to know what Singapore stocks to watch out for!!!
Do recommend your friends to this workshop!

Date: 5 Dec 2013, Thu (English Seminar)  7pm - 10pm
          6 Dec 2013,  Fri (华文讲座) 7pm - 10pm

Sharing on
1) Spore Stocks that are trending upwards that you should take note of
2) Spore Stocks that did well for earnings
3) Spore Stocks that are giving good dividends
4) Spore Stocks that are suitable for short term trading
5) Spore Stocks that are defensive plays

Plus we will be providing analysis on your stocks!

Venue: 141 Cecil Street, Tung Ann Association Building #07-02 S(069541) Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit G, walk straight 80m, opposite the traffic light

Speaker: Andy Yew (ART system Founder) 

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or SMS <Name><Email><HP><Date><Number of seats> to 93676623

Can you make money from MLM company NuSkin?

Can you make money from MLM company NuSkin? Yes! of course you can if you have bought the Share anytime from the start of the year(around $35) and now it is $125, up more than 238%.

At current junction, if you have already holding this stocks with big profit, a stoploss price should be place at $114,adjust the stoploss higher if price break above $130

For those who want to buy this stocks, it will be better to buy on dip, if price fall between our buy zone at $115-117

Latest News on NuSkin
  • 11/25/2013  |
    Nu Skin (NUS) Hits New Lifetime High
    Editor's Note: Any reference to TheStreet Ratings and its underlying recommendation does not reflect the opinion of TheStreet, Inc. or any of its contributors including Jim Cramer or Stephanie Link.
  • 11/22/2013  |  PR Newswire
    Early Morning Insight: Hasbro Inc., Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.,...
    Early Morning Insight: Hasbro Inc., Nu Skin Enterprises Inc., Westport Innovations Inc., and Titan Intl. Inc. Editor Note: For more information about this release, please scroll to bottom PR Newswire...
  • 11/21/2013  |  Associated Press
    Nu Skin issues strong 2014 outlook
    PROVO, Utah (AP) - Shares of Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. rose on Thursday after the seller of skin care products and nutritional supplements issued a guidance for 2014 that was well ahead of current...

Monday, December 2, 2013

HKSE stock - Luk Fook Holdings Near Support

Luk Fook is probably one of the most trending stocks right now in the market, currently short term is still near support at $28, stoploss can place at $27.50

Latest News: HSBC hiked LUK FOOK HOLD (00590.HK) 2014 turnover forecast by 3% as previous earnings forecast was too low. The broker also raised LUK FOOK HOLD 2014 net profit forecast by 18% on the company's increased profit margin from 18.3% to 20%.

HSBC lifted LUK FOOK HOLD target price from $26.8 to $31.6, representing 11.3x to 2013 P/E forecast. The broker rated Neutral on the company.

Click Here on How to Trade Hong Kong Shares with POEMS