Friday, July 16, 2010


 As a graduate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University with a Bachelor in Business (Economic and Finance) Andy Yew 游俊昌 began pursuing his dream of being one of the country’s leading traders early on in 2005. Through setbacks and a broad learning curve, Andy realized the importance of proper coaching and instruction. It was this realization and his eventual success in the market that led him to found the ART Stock Trading System.

In 2010, Andy became a remisier at Phillip Securities and was awarded “Top Newcomer 2010″ by Phillip CFD. The very next year, Andy began coaching others to become successful in the stock market and conducted well over 100 seminars. His passion for trading shows in everything he does and the investors he shares his knowledge with.

In addition to a very successful trading career, Andy has received many industry accolades including Top CFD Specialist 2012, Top 10 CFD Award 2013 & Top CFD Specialist 2013 as well as the Best Performance Award 2014. His speaking engagements include 938 Live and an interview by Michelle Martin where he shared his personal view on the market in general and an array of selected stocks. Just this year, Andy’s performance and hard work paid its own share of dividends when he was interviewed by Singapore TV Channel 8’s MoneyWeek.

Andy Yew and his team of experienced stock brokers provide Singapore investors with the tools they need to invest effectively and successfully. Why go it alone when you can have the full backing of Andy Yew coaching you and teaching you the methods that will save you the time and hassles of venturing into today’s competitive markets alone.

Our investment team provides an extensive range of services including:

  • ·        Online Stock Trading Account - Singapore Market & Foreign Markets
  • ·        Contracts for Different - CFD & CFD DMA
  • ·        World Indices can be traded using CFD
  • ·        Margin & Shares Financing Accounts
  • ·        Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - Gold & Silver can be traded using ETF
  • ·        Unit Trusts (Online DIY is available)
  • ·        Managed Accounts
  • ·        IPO Financing
  • ·        Money Market Fund (MMF)
  • ·        Bonds (Fix Incomes)
  • ·        Share Builders Plan
  • ·        Share Borrowing & Lending (SBL)
  • ·        Monetary Authorities Singapore Bills (MAS Bills)
  • ·        Warrants
  • ·        Extended Settlement (ES)
  • ·        Hong Kong Stock Option
  • ·        Life and Term Insurance