Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yoma Strategic - Stock Analysis

Yoma Strategic Holdings is a diversified conglomerate in Myanmar, its business include property development, automotive, consumer-related, tourism, logistic and agriculture. In the recent Q3 financial report, Yoma posted Q3 net profit drop by 98.7% from S$25.2 million to S$0.3 million. Earnings per share dropped from 1.45 cents to 0.02 cents. Thou the news was bad, but it did not crash the stock, to me that is a better news, it means the stock price is holding strong.

In early march, Yoma stock price surged above $0.64 and this is the first time in 2 years that it had made this high. It was a good sign to me as new high also means it is uptrending. However recently the price start falling sharply, this show that short term is weak. Support is seen around 0.56, as long as it does not fall below the support it shall be fine. However if price can move above the 60 cents, that will be better as all good trending stock usually are above the 200ma

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Riverstone - Stock Analysis

In a recent radio interview, i was asked about this company Riverstone, just post it here so our blog follower can also learn more about this company
Riverstone is a Singapore listed malaysia company that produce cleanroom and healthcare rubber gloves, in the February full year financial result, Revenue is up strongly by 16.9% however Net income is down by 4.9%. On the fundamental view for Riverstone, it can be consider as a stock with strong fundamental as it has Zero debt and have RM103.2 Million in cash. This shows that the company will have no problem in giving out dividend consistently over the next few year.
公司 生产洁净室和医疗保健橡胶手套。新加坡上市的马来西亚公司
从根本上看,这是一个很好的公司,零 债务,而且还持有马币1.03亿现金。对于未来能不能持续的分发股息,这应该不是问题。

Why stock not performing? 
Since 2013 to 2015 most of Malaysia Rubber glove stock up at least 100%, and riverstone up more than 400%, but since 2015 peak till now, the Sector is weak, similar stock listed in malaysia currently also not performing well. seems like investor have no interest in rubber glove stock now 

from the chart, the stock is not a uptrend stock, currently price is below 50 and 200ma, , mid term term is sideway trending,  resistance is at 94 cents, if can break above resistance then we will look at this stock, support level is at 84 cents, if break below support then this show that selling pressure is strong.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sino Grandness 前景如何?

Sino Grandness  是一间在新交所上市的中国公司。 该公司以枇杷果汁而闻名,也声称在中国拥有86%的市场份额。近期应为投资者担心SINOGRADNESS会有像其他SCHIP中国公司的账务丑闻,所以导致股票不停的往下跌。而也有些投资者又觉得现在很便宜,现在的PE才1.4倍,公司很赚钱,股价也很底。对我来说,投资这间公司风险非常的高,假设真的是有问题的公司那么可能会血本无归。

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

China Aviation - Break new High, still good?

Interesting Facts:
  • China Aviation Oil is the Largest jet fuel supplier in Asia-Pacific CAO is the largest physical jet fuel trader in the Asia-Pacific region and the sole supplier of imported jet fuel to the civil aviation industry of China.
  • In recent report it recorded earnings per share grew to 2.08 US cents from 1.33 US cents in the previous year. CAO has proposed a final dividend of 4.5 Singapore cents per share from 3 Singapore cents in the previous year.
  • CAO is trading on 9.2x our FY17e EPS, at a 32% discount to its closest peer World Fuel Services. 

Technically it looks good today as it breakout of the sideway consolidation that lasted for 7 month, we have been watching this counter since last year August but it is not moving. Now could be a better time to look at this stock as it cleared the resistance, I am bullish on China Aviation Oil as long as it can stay above $1.58. 

What about Stoploss?
If to put a stoploss, i will put around 1.44 to 1.48

Target Price?
The previous rally, price went from 0.66 to 1.58, if you set a target, you probably get out too early. I will be looking at more than 25% and  if the big trend is here, ride it to the end.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Singpost - How is this Stock doing?

STI up since last year November from 2800 to now 3150, but Singpost drop from 1.60 to 1.30. few reason for the drop
1) The recent report in Feburary is not good, Underlying profit for Q3 down by 28%, EPS 1.28 cents per share, down from 1.84 cents same quarter a year ago. 
2) Profit attributed to shareholder down by 28.2%
3) Investor move from defensive play to aggressive play, funds move to stock with more growth. Defensive sector is not in favor.

Looking at the Chart, Singpost long term trend is weak as it is below the 200 days moving average( currently at $1.46, mid term it is not good as it is weaker than the market (comparing last 3 month with STI)

However, for short term the stock seems to be rebounding, I will not sell if the stock is going up now, however, if the stock market turn weak and Singpost start to move down again I will sell away.