Thursday, September 30, 2010

SIA Engg, SPH, F&N

SIA Engg, SPH, F&N had buy signal for tomorrow's trade, can consider to buy for mid-long term trade, only buy if it break the previous day high ... looks safe and steady =)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Noble grp, ST Engg, GP ind, China Fish, Super grp, ARA

Noble group: after a healthy pullback today it finally gives a buy signal, well supported by the 200ma, its time for me to add position. Will add a smaller position than my previous position (25% lesser), and buy only if it goes above previous day high. mid-long term trade.

Other bullish stock with similar setup will be: ST Engg, GP ind, China Fish, Super group, ARA

Monday, September 27, 2010

SGX stock to trade for tuesday

Trade for tuesday, today STI gap up in the morning due to bullishness in the US market and close 20.78 point higher. Can consider to buy Guocoland, kepland ,SIA, Wingtai for mid-long term trade if tml price goes above previous day high.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Olam, StraitsAsia, Suntec Reit(dividend stock)

Olam, had a professional gap up last friday, CSI setup first buy signal, can consider buy on monday. Entry 3.23, Exit 3.05 time frame 2week- 3month.

Straits Asia had not trigger since my last call, setup still valid, can buy if tml price hit 2.34, stop loss 2.26

SuntecReit, good dividend(7%) stock for long term investor can consider buy if tml hit 1.55 stop loss 1.48

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fragrance, Capitacomm

Fragrance, an interesting stock for today. Have anyone heard of the term call "professional gap"?If the stock gap up, and continues to move higher, it is most likely done by the professional, because normal people will not buy at such high price. Further more, if the stock gap up above the resistance e.g A and B. Another sign of bullishness is it actually close higher than the previous peak hence again most likely is the professional job. Lets learn from this stock, and see how it goes few more days..

Capitalcomm, uptrend stock, breakout from triangle pattern. Can consider to get in if tomorrow goes higher. Entry 1.49, Exit:1.33 timeframe: mid long term 2week to 3month

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Noble grp again, Straits Asia, LongCheer

Noble grp. If you have follow my previous post, you should have made some, like I said, I am holding for mid-long term hence wound be selling soon. Good sign for today is that it gap up and crosses the 200ma. Close at the same level as previous peak. Will wait for retracement and load up more next round.

Straits Asia, sideway for few day after my last post. Today up again, this stock is back in action after few day of rest, if you have not bought this stock, tomorrow is a good time to load some, entry 2.36, exit 2.25, target 2.60 timeframe mid- long term. 2week to 6month. If you already holding some, buy 25% lesser than what you own now.

Longcheer, triggered on swing trade setup. Retrace back into 10ma and 20ma zone today went upp again. Today should have got in when it turns up, if not, tomorrow is also a good time to get in for mid-long term trade/swing trade. Entry 0.82, Exit(stoploss) 0.77. target 0.92

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Osim, a stock that I always talk about, last week I just had a post for this stock and now i am talking about it again. Technically speaking, this time it has a good narrow range setup, probably going to give its last burst of fire soon. Mid long term trade, Entry 1.06, Exit 1.03 if trading short term (0.99 if long term)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Straits Asia, Cosco, Yangzijiang

StraitsAsia, Congrats if you have followed my last post. Today closed 2.32 after hitting the 61.8% Fibonacci level. Short term wise, I will foresee some pullback/sideway consolidation for the next few day as it is at the resistance level. As I say, this is for mid-longterm, hence it is normal for some pullback to happen. my last last post...

Cosco, also have buy signal. Can consider to buy if tomorrow (thursday) price goes higher than today's high. Mid-long term trade.

Yangzijiang, long term uptrend stock, (high price can go higher) tomorrow can consider to buy if price goes higher than today's high. Mid long term trade. Market outlook is good, STI next resistance is 3240.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Osim, Market outlook

Osim, buy signal for mid-long term trade. Buy if tuesday hit $1.05, higher than today's high, stop loss is 0.94(below trendline). This is a good uptrend stock, as u can see from the picture, it is constantly making higher high and higher low. S1 is the first support, S2 is second support..and so on. All this supports will prevent the stock from falling further. R is the Resistance, barrier for the stock from moving higher. Once clear the resistance, the stock will more likely to continue to move higher.

Can also look at STI etf and SGX on tuesday, can consider if it move higher. Overall market is looking good, STI break resistance at 3040, heading to 3240.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Goodpack for swing trade

Goodpack, an uptrending stock that had retraced below the 20ma and CCI oversold. It has fulfill all our swing trade setup, time to get ready and wait for trigger. Trigger if it rise above previous day high. E.g Entry 1.90, Target 1.96, Exit: 1.83,Timeframe: 3-5days trade.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trades for monday

Sunvic, an uptrending stock. Had a long white candle on Wednesday and also a CSI signal. Today stock was well supported by the previous high 0.385 and my master says, if stock had a big rise and next day it never drop. It will most likely to continue to go higher . Can consider to buy if it hit 0.41 on Monday(higher than previous day high). Mid-long term trade.

Straits asia, downtrend seems to be ended, the stock is climbing up slowly, the next major resistance will be $2.37. CSI signal again, buy if rise above previous high.

RafflesMG, this is a gem you are looking for, a long term uptrend stock. CSI signal again, buy if break prior day high.

OUE Ltd, Covering the Gap

OUE ltd $2.98 up 5.3% today, though volume is low, It is a good setup to trade as it is closing up a "gap". A gap is a change in price levels between the close and open of two consecutive days, generally a space between price. Where it show that there is no resistance ahead, hence price can move upwards easily. Resistance will be seen around $3.18 level. Stoploss around 2.86

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi-P 3-5days trade

Hi-P broke out of ascending triangle pattern, supported by 10,20ma. Can consider enter at 0.895, Stop Loss 0.875, Target 0.925 Timeframe 3-5days' trade. Overall market down, STI drop 25point, but this stock still up and holding, I am quite positive.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Noble grp - follow up

Noble grp, up 7cents today 4.27%, if you have follow my previous post you should have not got into short position because the swing setup did not trigger (price did not go lower than previous day low). Today there is strong buying strength, so strong that it breaks the down trend resistance line and also if you are watching the time and sales on your platform you will see alot of 2000-3000 lots trade going on (big boys are trading). Lastly, on my CSI system, the "sum of ROC" (candlestick change color to blue) also signal a trend reversal. Can consider buy for Mid-long term.

Candlestick commentary on Metastock:
A big white candle occurred. This is generally considered bullish, as prices closed significantly higher than they opened. If the candle appears when prices are "low," it may be the first sign of a bottom. If it occurs when prices are rebounding off of a support area (e.g., a moving average, trendline, or retracement level), the long white candle adds credibility to the support. Similarly, if the candle appears during a breakout above a resistance area, the long white candle adds credibility to the breakout.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

STI outlook

STI up 4days out of 5days last week, bouncing off the trendline(black) and the 50ma(yellow line), seems like the dark cloud is clearing away. Many other stocks have also shown a reversal from the support level. Holding strong, STI and many other stock may continue to rise in coming weeks, so I will be posting more mid-long term trade.

Some stock I have selected that can buy/ buy back if u have sold: Wilmar, Osim, IndoAgri, Golden Agri, Cosco Corp, YangZiJiang, Armstrong, Goodpack, Kep Corp, SPH,Starhub, Supergroup.... and many more..
(Wait for retracement/ short term pull-back to buy if the stock already in the overbought zone, these stocks are good uptrending stock which I believe will make higher and higher high "if" the final quarter is going to be good.)

The bottom line, however is to pick a uptrending stock (meaning price keep rising and rising...) and not trying to catch a bottom of a stock.

Noble Grp: Swing trade

Noble Grp, a consistently down-trending stock closed 1.64 on Friday. It has entered the zone for our swing trading setup. Can consider to sell short if tomorrow hit 1.62, Target 1.56, Exit 1.67, Timeframe 3-5days. This setup voids if the price rise above the 40ma.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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