Monday, July 26, 2010

Broadway, Fraser REIT, Straits Asia

Broadway, a stock I have been monitoring for quite some time. I has a constant uptrend since march 2009 (lowest pt: $0.13). Rises almost 10 fold! Today it gave a buy signal on CSI, trigger buy if tommorow breaks above today's high. Remember, cut lost should be place 2-3bids below recent low.

Fraser Centrepoint Reit, I always tell friends around me to buy some reit for long term investing because they gives generous dividends (5.6% for this Fraser reit). Today there is buy signal for Fraser CTP Reit on CSI. May can consider to buy some.

Straits Asia, after a prolonged downtrend, it finally gives a blue bar signal. In CSI system, blue bar gives an early buy signal then the green arrow. The last time I follow this method to buy genting, now is already 30% gain, still holding =). Well gotta work night shift tonight, hence tomorrow won't be monitoring during the day, I will think through the night to decide whether to buy or not.