Monday, March 20, 2017

Hong Kong Uptrend Stocks that you must know NOW in March

Upcoming Hong Kong & China Stock Markets FREE seminar
  • Do you think that Singapore & US markets are Overbought now? It is true that Fund Managers are putting more Fund in Hong Kong & China stock markets?
  • In fact, with internet trading, trading overseas markets has become much more convenient and affordable.
  • You can trade Hong Kong and China Stocks using POEMS, and with Promotional Brokerage Rate**
  • The one problem that is stopping many people is "FEAR", the fear of moving into unknown areas.
  • Most of the time, it is the lack of knowledge that creates the Fear. The good news is that this seminar will give you the essential information you need to survive the volatile market and within the shortest time, you can apply the things you learnt immediately.
  • This is not a preview class, we do not have a course to sell you at the end of the session. We are doing this as a service for the public investors and to create a community of profitable traders. 

In this session, you will learn:
  • How to find Hong Kong and China Stocks that got potential to run up more than 200%?
  • The Impact of MSCI inclusion for China Stocks
  • Shenzhen Hong Kong Link - What stock to look at?
  • How to get FREE Real time price for Hong Kong & China Shares
  • Where to read FREE Research Report and Stock recommendation from Financial Analysts
  • Individual Stock Analysis
  • CFD introduction for China A-Shares & Hong Kong shares 
To overcome fear of the unknown, you have to acquire knowledge, to understand the market, risks involved, and opportunities that lies in trading foreign stocks.
This session is for you, don’t let your fear stop you from being successful in trading.

Event Details
  • Dates:  21 March 2017 (Tue)
  • Venue: Level 6, Presentation Room, Raffles City Tower, 250 North Bridge Road
  • Time: 7pm - 10pm
  • Fee: Free Admission

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Market updates 15 March 2017 - Should we sell now?

On the interview with 938 Live FM yesterday, these are some of the talking point that I have shared with the listeners. The biggest question now is should we sell now?

STI down 6 points to 3137, this morning the market falls more than 25 points due to the weakness of the US market as traders sell off shares ahead of FOMC meeting today. Since STI make the new high one month ago, it went into a consolidation phase as we have not seen it moving higher nor lower, currently resistance is spotted at 3150 and resistance is spotted at 3100. If STI can break above the resistance or the support, we will see more clearer picture of the direction of the market.

Market has been rallying over the past few month, what should investors do now? Is it time to sell?

I think overall market is still strong and there is no sign of weakness, to sell everything now might not be the best way to position our portfolio as market could possibly move higher. Most retail investors will keep under performing stock and sell the profitable stock too early. However I would sell away those non performing stock now at the market high as to reduce my overall exposure. Only if STI fall below 3100 support, then i will clear more position

Which sector or stocks are you looking right now?
Right now the strong sector is IT Electronics sectors, stock that is involves with microchips are doing well recently. Stock like venture, UMS and Valuetronics shows that this sector seems resilience towards the fear of the market. Other than the electronic sector, 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Singapore Uptrend Stocks in March

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