Friday, September 28, 2012

Singapore Stock Chart - Hi-P

Hi-P closed at $1.06 today, this stock has been Trending for very long time. Uptrend since 3rd August. Does the chart look like Ezion's chart to you? Compare to many other stocks, Hi-P 's trend is much more smoother to trade. A good entry will be one bid above previous day high e.g $1.08, stoploss can place at $1.01. Short term - mid term trade.


Singapore Stock Chart - PEC

Congrats to some of our student who entered at $0.62. This stock PEC has upped more than 20% in September. Today there is another signal from our ART position trade system. Will this be a good entry point after retracement? If you enter at one bid above previous day high e.g 0.74, stoploss should place at 0.70.mid term >2weeks.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Singapore Stock Chart - OUE Ltd

With recent news of OUE ltd where there is potential buyer of Mandarin Hotel and Gallery Hotel, OUE price shoot up nearly 10% in just a week. Now we see that the price of the stock is piecing through the long term downtrend line. We see that this might be a good time to look at this stock, today OUE closed $2.91, stoploss can place below $2.80, where the stock breaks it's support. Mid-long term.

Check out OUE's News


Singapore Stock Chart - Capitacomm

Capitacomm closed $1.425, despite the market is down today this stock still stay strong and move higher. Since beginning of this year this stock has up almost 34% excluding dividends. Still on a smooth uptrend. Our ART system did not trigger the recently sell signal as it did not break prior day low. Now it has changed to Blue bar and today there is a buy arrow, we see that mid term trend remain strong. Short term there might be some opportunities for entry. The support is at $1.38, a good entry will be somewhere near the support. Stoploss can place at $1.37. Timeframe: mid to long term.


Singapore Stock Chart - Tat Hong up 24% since posted

First of all, congrats to those who followed my previous post on Tat Hong. When we first posted on 14 August, the stock was just $1.04, now it is trading at $1.33, up more than 24% in 6 week and now it is still trending up. Our timing is perfectly right, as we can see after the first entry there was also subsequent blue arrow which indicated opportunities to add position, today there is another arrow indicating a buy opportunity. A good entry price will be a bid above previous day high, $1.35. Stoploss place at $1.24, Timerfame >2week.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Kepland Back to Bullish

Kepland now trading at $3.46, now turn back to bullish mode. Resistance at 3.53. Stoploss can place at 3.24 if you are trading mid term.

A good trade can lose money, and a bad trade can make money. Even the best trading processes will lose a certain percentage of the time. There is no way of knowing a priori which individual trade will make money. As long as a trade adhered to a process with a positive edge, it is a good trade, regardless of whether it wins or loses because if similar trades are repeated multiple times, they will come out ahead. Conversely, a trade that is taken as a gamble is a bad trade regardless of whether it wins or loses because over time such trades will lose money.
-Jack Schwager

Hong Kong Stock on CFD - HUABAO INTL

Check out our Previous post on China Telecom, we are still monitoring

Today i did a scan on HKSE stock again, as I am looking for something Trendy, Bullish, not too volatile(big up big down) this stock HuaBao Intl caught my eye. This stock has been running on a downtrend since early 2011, the good thing is it has stopped going down since Apr and has been sideway till August. On the chart above i drew a box showing that recently it break out above the resistance. The resistance turned support level is at $4.00, now the price is $4.20. Good entry will be $4.00-$4.20 area. Stoploss $3.50. Timeframe >2week

Margin Req in phillipCFD: 30%
HKD/SGD = 6.311

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some Stock Back to Bullish mode

SembMar closed $5.00 today, based on the chart it previously was "out of the trend" after dropping for almost 3weeks, right now it seems that the price started to turn around. Looking at the chart, now the price is heading back into the uptrend channel. If price stay above the supporting uptrend line, we will assume that the trend continues to go up. For those who are bullish on Sembmar, a good entry is probably when the price break above previous day high(e,g 5.02) Stoploss if below the recent low (e,g 4.86). Timeframe >2weeks
Olam closed at $1.99 today, similar to the above Sembmar Chart, now Olam starts to turn up, a good entry will be a bid above previous day high (E.g 2.00) stoploss can place below the recent low(e.g 1.83). It the stoploss price is quite far away from the entry, hence if want to enter this trade, you might consider a smaller size or use the formula [allowable Loss/ (Entry-exit)]. Timeframe >2weeks

Technical Outlook (Hyflux; First Resources)

Check out my Chart analysis of Hyflux and First Resources at

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CityDev, Ho Bee Group Chart Outlook at

Do check out my mid term view at for Citydev and Ho Bee Group.

Congrats on 45% Gain for Ezion!

STI remain Flat for early this week, today STI closed 3016.40, up 7.68. First of all, we would like to congrats all those who have followed our SMS and Email! We have seen many of you followed our call on Ezion Holdings now is trading at $1.24. Just this 2 month we have mentioned about this stock more than 3 times, on 31st July Market Talk, 29th August Market Talk and 4th September Market Talk + SMS. By following our ART system you could have participated in this 29% rally in less than 2 month(if u entered at 0.965), if you have entered 2 Position at 31st July (29%) and 29 August(16%) you could have made 45% Gain!

Previous post on Ezion on this Blog:

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Hong Kong Stock on CFD - China Telecom

HongKong Stock - China Telecom - This counter is available in phillip CFD, this stock is trending well most of the time, already downtrend for a year already. When it is going down trend, the trend lasted quite long giving us opportunity to profit from shorting if we have shorted. Right now the long term trend is changing from downtrend to uptrend. Recently there is a powerfull gap up above the downtrend resistance line. A stoploss should be place if the price fall back below the downtrend line, somewhere at $4.10. First target will be at $4.75.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

新加坡股市讲座: 谈股论经


如果你对你的股票有困扰和疑问,请让股市传家KL Wong Andy Yew帮你分析。

1.             如何正确的选择对和好的股票
2.             技术分析的策略
3.             市场下半年的展望
 日期:97  (星期五, 华文讲座)   920  (星期四, 英文讲座)     
时间:晚上7点半 10
地点:141 Cecil Street, Tung Ann Association Building #07-02 S(069541), 丹戎巴葛地铁站G出口, 直走80米, 红绿灯对面

演讲者:KL Wong (ART系统创办人和投资导师) Andy Yew (ART系统创办人和投资导师)

请拨电或发简讯至9367 6623 (请列明[姓名][电邮][手机号码][日期]  [席位数目])