Monday, July 25, 2011


Biosensor closed 1.315 today, from the weekly chart beside, the stock has constantly be in an uptrend since the 2009. Today the RMO system gives us a buy signal, hence it will be a good entry if tomorrow the stock price break above previous day high. Entry: 1.33, Stoploss 1.28 Timeframe 2week-1month

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Semb Corp

STI has been bearish for the past one week, however my view is that the Mid term trend is still bullish. Unless STI drop below 3050. So now we should look at those good stocks that are now at the bargain price..

SembCorp closed 4.96. Had a hammer candlesticks yesterday, actually today is a good entry point as the stock is just slightly above previous day high. I always believe the opportunities always come when there is uncertainties. As we are going for mid term trade 2weeks-3mth, tomorrow it will still be a good entry point if the stock move higher. Stoploss can place at 4.80.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

STI Outlook

Hi all again! Sorry for the lapse between the posting.. It is really because there is nothing to post, finally we are now coming into the buy zone again. Following my previous post.. the day after my posting is indeed a great opportunity to pick up some good shares.. STI resistance remain at 3180 and 3240

Since now mid term trend has change to bullish(my view) we got some stock to look at.
Hyflux today close 2.09 chart looks like changing of trend, can consider to go long if it move above previous day high.
RafflesMg, Biosensor looks good... Sembmar support at 5.20, Semb Corp stoploss ard 4.85, Watch for STXOSV breakout of 1.42.