Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ezra and Yangzijiang

Ezra closed 1.245 today, ending the day near the day high. The ART Position trade system gave a signal to Long this stocks. A good entry will be 1.255, stoploss will be place at 1.195. Mid-long term trade

Yangzijiang closed 1.35 today, ending the day at the day high. The ART Position trade system also gave us a signal to Long this stocks. A good entry will be 1.355, stoploss at 1.26. mid-long term trade aka 2weeks-3month

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Looking for some stocks for Shorting/Hedge in your CFD?

HL Asia $2.08 now trading near the Parallel channel resistance, if you are having a lot of long position and feel like shorting some stocks to hedge your position using CFD, you can look at this counter.

Note: This is a counter trend trade, if u are trading short term stoploss can be place at 2.16, if you doing longer term trade can stop above 2.22.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Malaysia KLSE Stock - CIMB Bank

For those traders who trade KLSE stocks, CIMB bank 's chart ($7.28) looks interesting to me. Looking at what happened for the last 12 month, this stocks reach it's second peak ard $9.00 in july 2011 and fall rapidly after that till it find its bottom at around $6.60 Oct 2011. Well, the above 2 lines are just introduction, the interesting part is the Moving average, using 10SMA, 50SMA and 100SMA Strategy the chart is telling us that the current price might be a start of a bull trend, and from the previous trend(July till Oct 2011) tell us that this stocks can be very trendy (sometime). Well, If you think this stocks is good, now might be a good timing. If you want to know more about this simple and effective strategy, you can feel free to contact me or email to
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P.S I dont trade KLSE stocks, also note that overall market is in overbought position, trade at your own risk.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Biosensor - will it go higher?

Biosensor currently trading at $1.665, reaching channel resistance. Seems to be strong resistance as this level has been tested few times before. Do watch out for reversal.