Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Genting SP, IndoAgri, UOB-KH

Dear readers, this will be my last post of the year!! I will be going to korea for holiday till 3rd Jan 2011, so there will not be any post during this time. Hereby, I wish everyone had a great great year ahead!!!! Happy New Year!!! =)

Genting Sp closed 2.19 with a long white candle. With a series of higher low forming, I guess it is coming into play again. Can consider entry at 2.20 tomorrow, cut loss at 2.08, initial target 2.35. timeframe: 2wk-3month

UOB-KH closed 1.77 with a long white candle, it is a sign of bullishness in this stocks if it closes at the highest point of the day, this means that all sellers had been clear out by the buyers and the buyers hold on the price. Notice that the breakout is accompanied by volume, hopefully this is the beginning of the uptrend. If you have followed my previous post, you can consider to add position tomorrow at 1.78 stoploss 1.72. timeframe 2wk-3month

Indoagri closed 2.83, bouncing off the support line, can consider to enter tomorrow at 2.84, Target will be the channel resistance around 3.07. stoploss at 2.75. Timeframe 2week-2month.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CoscoCorp Swing trade, ChinaFish

Coscocorp 2.09, have a swing trade setup again. Good entry for tomorrow will be 2.10, stoploss:2.02 , Target 2.19 Timeframe: 3-5day

China fish, this stock caught my attention as it is trading near it's resistance. Likely to continue it's uptrend, (price>10ma>20ma>40ma).

Monday, December 20, 2010

Midas Short candidate, SembCorp and Brightwor Swing trade

SembCorp close 4.98, there is 142lot Buy up during matching time (look at Time&Sales at 5.05pm). Looks bullish to me when there are people buying up during matching time. This stocks has been making Higher High and Higher Low, a sign of uptrend stock. So we should get in when the stock is oversold and sell when it is overbought. A good entry for tml is 5.03, Target: 5.20, Stoploss 4.92, Timeframe: 3-5days

Midas close 0.93, down trending for the past 3 month. Our system have shown signal to short (卖空). If you are shorting, make sure u are using CFD. If you dun have a cfd account, please contact me. =) A good entry for short is 0.925 Immediate target is 0.91 Stoploss: 0.965 Time frame: Mid-long term

Brightwor close 0.50, this stock have been on strong up trend and now pull back for 5days, if it regain it's bullish trend i reckon the reward will be quite good. Good entry for tomorrow will be 0.52, Target 0.57(take half if it is really strong), Stoploss 0.495 Timeframe 3-5days

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uob-KH Cup and Handle Pattern

Uob-KH closed 1.73 today, this stock is forming a cup and handle pattern. 1) cup is formed 6month old, 2)handle is 1/3 depth of cup. 3) the shape looks like a cup and handle.

It need to break above the resistance 1.81 with volume to consider complete. If break above resistance the profit target will be roughly same as distance between bottom of the cup to right peak of the cup( in short, target ard $2.20). Tomorrow can consider early entry.

Setup for tomorrow: Entry: 1.75, Stoploss 1.62, Timeframe: mid-long term(2week-3month). This stock has very low volume,you might not be able to get big lot size. The trick to buy slowly, and buy in odd numbers 3,5,11,13. Do the abnormal way and you will not alert the Big Boys.

This pattern is not develop by me, i also read from other websites and book. For more info, please do a google search on "cup and handle". Tomorrow going to phuket for holiday, this will be my last post for this week. Cheers~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Guocoleisure today closed 0.73, uptrend stock, break above resistance(previous few peak), can consider entry if tomorrow it go higher than today's high. Entry: 0.745, Stoploss 0.70 timeframe: Long term.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

ASL Marine, KepT&T - long term trade(1-3month)

Asl Marine, Seems like breaking up the resistance, can consider entry if price break above previous day high. Will have higher chance of going high if price is supported by higher volume. 1-3month's trade.

KepT&T weekly chart showing that the price is now at the support level, I have posted this on 2dec, I think the big volume last month is telling us that this stocks has woke up from his sleep. However this is a volatile stock, trade with care. Stop loss can be put below the support.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jaya holding, Kep Corp, Noble group

Jaya 0.73, up 2% today awaken from sleep and continue up to climb higher. Can consider entry if tomorrow break above previous day high. Resistance at 0.90. 38.2% fibonacci level.

Kep Corp, has been in accumulation mode for pass 2weeks, resistance around 11.02. Like a spring, it compressed, and when it release we shall see some strong forces up(or down).

Noble also an interesting stock to take a look, resistance at if break above 2.24 we will see more upside! Cup and handle pattern.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gallant and Genting

Gallant today up 9.38%, interesting. seems like it have risen alot but if we zoom out of the chart, it is just a small move compare to previous downtrend. Looking at weekly chart price above 10ma, we can have an early accumulation now(or when it pull back abit). Meaning use 30% fund tikam tikam first, first price target is 0.4(fibo 23.2%), if goes above 0.4.. add on. hrmm~ next resistance is 0.6!

Genting! Those local favourite, has resume uptrend after selling down to 23% level reluctantly. This also means that investors are holding strong to this stocks. Resistance will be seen at 2.32, wonder how high it will go if break this resistance. -.-?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good up trend stocks

These are uptrend stocks, good for 2week-3month trade, we should only buy when stocks are uptrend. Buy when it breaks prior day high.

KepCorp, Kepland

Noble Group, IndoAgri, GoldenAgri, KencanaAgri, Firstres, Olam(trend change)

Cosco,NOL, SembMar, Yangzijiang(trend change)

Hyflux(coming soon, akan datang)

Osim(I stopped buying for this stocks, it is now supported by 10ma, hold if you have, sell half if you are in doubt)

Monday, December 6, 2010

CSE Global

CSE global, an uptrend stocks that have appear in my scan. Ideal entry will be 1.18,Exit at 1.09, timeframe mid-long term. As this stocks is a low volume stocks, try not to buy more than 20lot size, if not u might find difficulty selling later on.

STI reaching resistance level 3220, if break this level the next level will be the previous high 3300. Current support level remains at 3150

Sunday, December 5, 2010

M1 Dividend stock

M1 closed $2.32 breakout above a short term resistance trendline, this is a defensive stocks that gives high dividend yield 5.81%(bloomberg), suitable for investor who are looking for dividend income. However it is near it's all time high at $2.36, if it can stay above this level we shall see more upside on this stock.

Stamford Tyre: announcing result ard 9 dec

STI outlook,(long-term: uptrend, Mid-term: downtrend, Short-term: Rebound), we can start to pick up some good stocks this week, gearing remain low. Good stocks are those stocks that never drop much during previous downturn. E.g KepCorp, Kepland, Coscocorp, (most palmoil stock except Wilmar), NOL, Sembmar, StamfordLd

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bullish Stocks

This are the few stock that had remain strong throughout the past few weeks downturn. Can take alook at these stocks if tomorrow they continue to move higher (break prior day high). If you already holding these stocks, can consider to add position to it, but add a smaller size than your previous position.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coscocorp, Supergroup,Capitacomm

Cosco Corp, after running down to 40ma. Today gap down during opening and close highest (break above previous day high during closing time). This signify that investors are very bullish about this stock. Entry 2.07, target 2.2, Exit 1.96 timeframe 3-5days

Supergroup, uptrend stock, seems to recover its strength after market running flat for past few week. Stoploss is suggested at $1.23 mid-long term trade.

Capitacomm, another uptrend stock. Can consider for long term trade.