Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Market Updates - Should you be in NOW?

US stocks tumbled in the final minutes of trading Tuesday, dashing hopes for relief from the week long rout. 

All ten industries of the S&P 500 closed lower, led by Utilities (-3.16%) and Telecommunication Services (-2.25%). 
See below chart, China Shanghai Stock Exchange as of yesterday was down 40% since end of JUN which alerted by
Sell arrow using our ART Trading System.  BlueCandle  Change to RED candle is Exit Signal

Singapore market 

As mentioned yesterday’s Email rebound as just a technical rebound and also a means for investors to Exit their long position 

Hence, if the STI fails to retake 2900, we could see the index slipping back towards 2860 or even 2800.

And if 2800 breaks, it could lead to a return to around 2698 (early Jun 2012 low).

See below STI chart, it has been drop by 20%. Our ART Trading system alerted Sell signal at 3480 and 3300 before it drop to lowest 2805.  

BlueCandle  Change to RED candle is Exit Signal, we will not be in unless we see Blue Candle  

Keppel Corp:

First Sell Signal at 10.80 on last year September before it drops to lowest 6.4 recently

 BlueCandle  Change to RED candle is Exit Signal, we will not be in unless we see Blue Candle

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MARKET ALL DOWN, it you should be on to CFD to short Stocks

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

MARKET ALL DOWN, it you should be on to CFD to short Stocks

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, our System already tell us to get out since May, the Market is really bad right now,  if you have problem Dealing it yourself, please feel free to give me a call 96188199 or Join our facebook help Group.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Strong Result Rich Dividend But..... Trend also important

I remember many people was talking about Nam Cheong few months ago, saying that it is cash rich and pays High dividend. That is true, but for those who are still holding it, you gotta take not that the Trend is also important, if you have follow our system Green = Bullish, Orange = Bearish, you would have maximised profit and minimized losses.

If you go to the research report on Nam Cheong Website, you will realise many of them gave a Target price, To me, target price in research report is just base on Guessing, not important at all.

Well, at the current trend, i think is almost time for analyst to lower their Target price

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Strong Trending Stock in Nasdaq You must not missed

Below are some of the stocks in my watchlist, I like to look at all these smooth trending stock as they are stronger than the market, you may use your strategy to trade these stocks, if you dont have a Strategy, do remember to place a stoploss.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Stocks that never really drop when market crash 100points

Singapore stocks had another big fall this week, many people still worrying that the market is going to bear market. During this period, we like to see which stock is stronger than the market, Below are the stocks that the trend is stronger than the market. Why they never drop? Because not many people is selling them. Why don't sell them when market is so panic?

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Singapore Healthcare Index Chalked Up 19.6% Total Return in First 7 Months of 2015

SGX Healthcare Index Chalked Up 19.6% Total Return in First 7 Months of 2015
  • During the month of July, the SGX Healthcare Index declined 1.5% to take its year to date total return to 19.6%. The Index is made up of 29 Healthcare plays and includes two REITs and a Business Trust.
  • On July 22, a new healthcare play, iX Biopharma, listed on the Catalist board. The stock closed 21.7% above its offer price on the first day of trading. As of Friday, the stock had moved to 9.8% below its offer price at 41.5 cents.
Singapore’s Healthcare Sector includes companies that provide hospital, clinical and ancillary services to providers of medical supplies, ranging from cleanroom attire to high-tech medical equipment and providers of pharmaceuticals, including western and traditional Chinese medicines.

Providing a benchmark for the expanding sector, the SGX Healthcare Index is an indicative index computed by Singapore Exchange (SGX), and weightings of component stocks are capped at a maximum of 10% at each semi-annual rebalance so that it is better diversified across a range of companies.

Due to the relative market capitalisations of the 29 securities, the six largest constituents currently account for approximately 60% of the index weight. These six stocks- namely,  IHH Healthcare Berhad, Raffles Medical Group, Haw Par Corporation, Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust, Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Corporation and Biosensors International Group, were discussed in last month’s Market Update - Six Largest Stocks in SGX Healthcare Index Averaged Total Returns of 19% YTD (click here).

The objective of the Index is to capture a broad representation of the healthcare segment, and complements the healthcare stocks under the two classification standards – Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®) and Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB). These 29 components are categorised across sub-industries including healthcare equipment, healthcare supplies, healthcare distributors, healthcare services, healthcare facilities, pharmaceuticals, office services & supplies, and healthcare REITs.

The charts below illustrates the performance of the Index on a total return basis since a base price of 1000 on 30 June 2011. The Index closed Friday at 2198.6.

Largest Index Constituents in July
The 20 largest healthcare plays are detailed in the table below. Please note that clicking on a stock name will take you to its relevant profile page on StockFacts. A total of 19 of these 20 stocks are included in the SGX Healthcare Index and make up the majority weighting of the Index.
Source: SGX StockFacts (data as of 31 July 2015). *Please note not included in SGX Healthcare Index as stock was listed in July. 

These stocks averaged a 3.7% decline over July, with the positive performances of three of the Index’s heavyweights accounting for the lesser decline of the Index at 1.5%. Other stocks that are included in the SGX Healthcare Index are Techcomp (Holdings), UG Healthcare Corporation, Singapore Medical Group, Vicplas International, AsiaMedic, Medtecs International Corporation, Suntar Eco-City, STAR Pharmaceutical, Pharmesis International and Pacific Healthcare Holdings.

iX Biopharma was listed on Catalist last month. The stock closed Friday at 41.5 cents, 9.8% below the offer price and offer details can be found here. The company focuses on the development and commercialisation of innovative therapies for pain management and male erectile dysfunction. The Company leverages its patented sublingual drug delivery technology, WaferiXTM, to develop proprietary products that incorporate FDA-approved pharmacologically active compounds. The Group currently have three drugs under development – Wafermine™, Wafernyl™ and PheoniX™.

The Group operates an integrated business model encompassing drug development, manufacturing and supply.

Source: My Gateway

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Singapore Strong Up Trend Stock 6 Aug 2015

Did a Screen on Singapore stocks, current market indeed very weak, not many stock are in the Strong uptrend list. Below are the survivors. 

What doesnt kills you, make you stronger. We always like to stay with the strong stocks for trend following.

RAffles Medical, Sats, Singpost, ShengSiong,

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5 Steps to Consistently Pick the Biggest Winner in Stock markets

Are you making profit from the stock markets?Do you pick the Biggest Winner in stock markets?There are many mistakes a retail investor make when selecting the right stock.
Despite that you pick the Biggest Winner, if you sell it too early or too late it will make no difference between Biggest Winner stock and normal stock.When will the next turning point be? Will you catch the right wave this time?
Market timing is important component in trading stocks.How can you manage your position will be revealed in upcoming seminar. We are ready to share with you more about Singapore market outlook.

You shall learn:
  • 5 steps to pick the right stocks?
  • Money management rules to follow?
  • What sector to look at and which sector to avoid ?
  • Market outlook and individual Singapore stocks analysis using Technical Analysis

5 Steps to Consistently Pick the Biggest Winner in Stock markets will be conducted by Andy Yew,an experienced Top-Tier remisier and trader, will share his systematic method on how to eliminate the mistakes. Come find out what is our secret of catching the Right Stock(Biggest Winner) at the Right time!

Speaker: Andy Yew (ART system Founder)

Date:      13, 20, 26 AUG (English)
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Venue:   International Plaza, #34-07, 10 Anson Road, S(079903)
Time :   7pm-9pm
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Genting Singapore down 6.6% today after Announcement

Genting Singapore drop 6.6% today after announcement that it expected to report a significant decline in second-quarter net profit after tax as a result of fair value losses on derivative financial instruments stemming from unfavourable market conditions and unrealised foreign exchange translation losses.

The question most people like to ask now will be, will it go lower? Our view is the trend remain the same, until it bend. As long as it is still making new low, the trend still weak. Our system indicate weak trend as Orange candle. Genting Sing has been orange all the time. 

Up coming seminar==>

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Karex - Uptrending malaysia stock

Today we screen PT short term up, for short term bullish signal. 3 stock came out, out of the 3, Karex have the strongest trend. Short term signal is generate base on price pull back. We usually like to see how the blue arrow works previously before preparing ourselves for entry.

So far, blue arrow works well right? Meaning our strategy have higher chance on this stock.

Stoploss for short term trade can place at RM3.45

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Noble Group Q2 result coming on 10 august

NOBLE Group said on Monday that it is not aware of any financial or material business issues that might have caused its recent share price decline and volatility, and intends to unveil its results and the PwC assurance report earlier to address allegations. 

The problem of this stock is there is too much publication on it, too much people watching it. People like to read what is happening on Noble Group, the more you read, the more you will not Sell while price is falling. Worse of all, some even bought it after they have read some good news about Noble.

Well, as all of us know, we cannot win in every trade that we take, most importantly is you MUST know when to get out of a bearish trade. Supertrend system show a Bearish signal at $0.650, if you have followed you would have exit. So thing about this, do you have a strategy to prevent you from suffering big time in a Bearish market?

23 July posted - Noble Chart on Supertrend Turned Orange last night

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