Monday, January 31, 2011

PEC, Hi-P, Coscocorp for swing trade and long term

PEC $1.21, after selling down for almost 2weeks today it gap down during open and close the day with at Doji candlestick (reversal pattern). With higher volume than yesterday, it seems to be supported by investor at this level. CCI oversold at <-100, and price between 20ma and 40ma. Can consider enter at 1.23, stoploss 1.18, target 1.38 timeframe: 1-2weeks. Can sell half when profit target is hit and hold the other half for long term.

Hi-P 1.11, also had a swing setup. This stock has recently attempted to breakout, but i think it postpone its rally due to the bad market sentiment. During the past week, when market corrects heavily, this stock still holding strong around this level. Can consider entry at 1.14 tomorrow, stoploss 1.10, target 1.19. timeframe: 1-2weeks. Can sell half when profit target is hit and hold the other half for long term.

Coscocorp 2.18, this stock is clearly on an uptrend, a good time to pick up these uptrend stocks is during market correction. As it is now support by the 50ma, can consider swing trade. Entry 2.25, Stoploss 2.17 target 2.44, timeframe: 1-2weeks. Can sell half when profit target is hit and hold the other half for long term.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


On Friday, STI was flat throughout the day however the index rally up 10 points during the last 5min of the share matching period(5.00pm-5.05pm), ending at 3229. Although this is a bullish sign where investors are buy up during the last min, but we think that the drop in the US weights more and hence we are expecting STI to open lower on Monday. STI immediate support at 3215, strong support at 3150 and 3116.
Taiwan will be closed the entire week, while China, South Korea will be closed from Wednesday. Hong Kong and Singapore will have a half-session of trading on Wednesday and then close for the rest of the week, and Singapore will be closed from Thursday.

M1 (M1 SP, $2.41, TP $2.88, BUY) – Special dividends
could become the normal order of business for M1 as
capital needs stabilise. Following the declaration of a
special DPS of $0.03, management has promised to
regularly review the company’s capital structure.
Depending on comfort level viz gearing, additional
payouts could range from $0.03 to $0.21 a share.
Beyond this, 2011 prospects are also becoming more
concrete and exciting. Source: KimEng

I also think this is a good stock for risk adverse investor, a good entry will be 1 bid above previous day high, stoploss at $2.39

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Swing trade MapletreeLog, RafflesEdu

MapletreeLog closed 0.955 today with a doji candlestick, it tested the support at 0.945 and the support seems to be holding well. Can consider to buy if it break prior day high for swing trade. Entry at 0.965, target 1.07,stoploss at 0.94, Timeframe 1-2week

RafflesEdu closed 0.315, also have retraced to support level. can consider to do swing trade on this. Entry at 0.325, Target 0.35, Exit 0.31, timeframe 3-5days. As compared to Mapletreelog, this would be a riskier bet as the slope is steeper.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Market Sentiment, HL Asia for shorting

Recently many client has ask about why the market behave like this, i believe the reason could be that many investors are keeping watch over the US Federal Reserve's policy announcement on Wed, while concerns about further policy tightening from Beijing continued to weigh on sentiment after the state-run China Securities Journal said in a commentary Friday that the first rate hike this year could be around the Lunar New Year holidays in early February..
STI is now at the support zone of 3182-3190, with the next key support at 3120. With continuous 2 day of closing lower than the open, there is a possibility of the short term correction may continue this week. As such, we shall only enter the market when the dust had settle and wait till market give us clear signal for entry.

HL Asia, has formed a decending triangle chart pattern, if it break the support, we can see further downside. Can consider to Short using your CFD account if tomorrow drop 1 bid below today's low, stop loss at 3.04, timeframe is 1-2week. Do note that this is a low volume stock.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Osim, SGX

STI down 38 points & closed at 3205 due to Stronger-than-expected Chinese growth data spurred concern about tighter monetary policy, prompting a sell-off in equities led by emerging markets.

STI immediate support at 3200 & next support will be at 3180. We maintain our Long term view that STI remain bullish for the 1st Qtr. I am quite bearish on property stocks e.g Capitaland..can consider to short for mid-long term(2week-2month)

Osim, is one of the few stock that breaks above previous day high, this means that it is swimming against the tide(the overall market). That's why I think he deserve to be blogged tonight.. clap clap clap... Think about it, will retailer buy this stock today? When the market is so bearish? When the stocks is higher that yesterday's price? As it is having a ascending triangle pattern, can consider to enter when it breakout of the resistance(today's high) with volume. Mid-long term trade.

SGX, As mentioned yesterday, this stock has broken out of the downtrend line. This means there is higher chance to go up than down. The stock has made a higher low(circle in blue) and a higher high. Why it is good time to get in now? Now it will be supported by 20 and 40 ma, if it drop below this 2 line then will be ur cutloss point. Resistance will be seen at 8.70, 9.00 and 9.20. Mid to long term trade.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Market talk email

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below is tonight's email.

STI down 7.6 points at 3242, Our view of the market is still positive as STI remain above the support of 3215, I have attached the result release below this week for your reference.

For Mid-Long term:

Those stocks mentioned previously (M1, Genting, Keppel Corp, Noble, SembCorp, SembMarine, Cosco, Yangzijiang, Hi-P, Osim and Bright World) are still in uptrend, even though some may be consolidating at the moment.

Congrats those who bought Cosco and Sembmar recently can consider to add position to this 2 stock if you have bought. Another stock that we can consider to buy for mid-long term is SGX, this stock has broken out of the trend line. Buy stocks/ Add position only when the price break above previous day high

Kepland, This stock has shown weakness since the government announce the cooling measure for the property market, today it gave a confirmation by dropping the price lower than previous day low. Can consider to Short Kepland for mid-long term using your CFD account.

From the price action today, we see Brightwor has lose its strength by rising to 0.625 and drop back to 0.60 at closing, thus formed a inverted hammer candlestick. However for Hi-P, it is taking a break same time consolidating. If it continue to stay within this range($1.16-$1.19) for next 2-3day, it will be a good sign that it will go higher if it breakout above $1.19.

For short term trades, can consider looking at:

GoodPack: it has been consolidating after the recent breakout, can consider entry if it breaks above previous day high. Stoploss at 2 bid below previous day low.

KepT&T: Announcing its annual report tomorrow (20 Jan 2011) and now this stock is resting at the 40ma support . There is a swing setup for this stock CCI -100 and price within 20ma and 40ma. Can consider to enter if it breaks above previous day high $1.44. Exit at 1.40. Time frame is 3-5day. Think about it, if the result is good, the stock price will go up (hit trigger price), if the result will be bad, it will not even trigger. P.s this stock is a illiquid stock, low in volume.

Trading tips: Your goal, is to capture the most amount of profit in the least amount of time. Time spent in the market equals risk exposure

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HKland$US , F&N

HKland$US closed 7.51 today near its day high. This stock has recently broken out of the resistance and pull back to retest the support. Again, today it break out of the resistance, i believe there is good chance it will succeed this time. Can consider entry if it break prior day high US$7.53, stop loss can put at $7.25. Mid to long term trade.

F&N closed $6.70 at day high, it is back into the uptrend channel we drew sometime ago, hence I believe that it will continue it's uptrend momentum. Can consider entry if it break prior day high. Stop loss at $6.48. Mid-long term trade.

For short term player, can take alook at Ziwo and Epicenter for swing trade.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hi-P, Genting HK

Genting HK closed 0.48 , there is a sudden spur in the volume today. Price increase with volume backing it up, might have something going on. Can consider to accumulate some at this level, mid-long term trade

Hi-p closed at highest, 1.18 today! congrats to those who followed my previous post on Hi-P, you probably have gained 12%. As we say this is a mid-long term trade, i reckon that the trend will continue and since we are right in the first trade, we should continue to add position into this trade. Can consider to enter trade if it break above prior day high(1.18). Add at least 25% lesser than your you amount for your first trade on this stock.

Ks Energy, StamfordLd Swing Trade

StamfordLd closed 0.67, a stock on a powerful uptrend, as we can see there is a surge in volume for the past few week and the stocks corrects for 4days supported by 20ma, it might be a good opportunity to get in when it resume it's uptrend. Can consider entry at 0.68, Stoploss at 0.655, target:0.725 Timeframe 3-5days. Only buy if the entry price is hit, do not enter if setup is not triggered.

KS Energy closed 1.12, Same setup as Stamfordld. This stocks is on powerful uptrend(above 10ma), Entry: 1.14, Target: 1.19, Stoploss: 1.11, Timeframe 3-5days

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wilmar- Swing Short

Wilmar closed 5.71, as this stock is a down trend stock (20ma below 40ma), CCI in overbought zone recently. We can consider to short if tomorrow it breaks below 5.68, Profit target: 5.44, Stop loss can place at 5.81. Timeframe: 3-5days

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Straits Asia

StraitsAsia Closed $2.88, today gap up above the 61.8% fibonnacci resistance and stay above that level throughout the day. This is a bullish sign that professional are buying up the price. Can consider entry for mid-long term trade (2week-3month) if tomorrow price break above 2.90. Stop loss can be place at 2.78.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Swing trade on Sembmar, Yangzijiang

Sembmar closed 5.18, it had entered into our swing trade setup, with CCI oversold. Can consider entry tomorrow at 5.22, Target 5.47 Exit 5.10 Timeframe 3-5days. Only enter trade if the entry price was triggered.

Yangzijiang had a exact similar setup entry if it break prior day high, choose one of these 2 as both are in the same sector.

Monday, January 10, 2011

CapmallAsia - swing trade

CapmallAsia 1.89, there is a swing short setup for this stocks, Can consider Short Entry at 1.87, Take profit at 1.83, Stoploss at 1.91, timeframe 3-5days

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hi-P closed 1.04, can consider entry if it breaks prior day high at $1.05, Stoploss set at $1.00 timeframe: mid-long term.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

M1 Dividend stock second round

M1 $2.42 as previously posted, this is a dividend stocks that gives 5%++ dividend pa. It is good for people who are investing for cashflow/passive income. (Get dividend every quarter). Our system has give a buy signal again, can consider to add position if it breaks previous day high. Mid-long term trade.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yangzijiang back in play

STI closed 3250 today, extended its new year rally by another 15points. Since the index break above 3220, we expect 3220 to hold up as support. Resistance expected to be at around 3270 area. Short term wise we are in the overbought region, meaning: alot of stocks already run, dont chase. Long term wise, we are still on an uptrend.

Yangzijiang 2.01, today breakout above resistance line of a symmetrical triangle pattern with high volume. This represents a possible resumption of uptrend in the mid-long term. Can consider entry with stoploss set at 1.95