Thursday, May 31, 2012

Short Signal

Seems like market going down again. I have shortlisted a few stocks for shorting, The rules to enter short trigger when stock price is 1 bid below previous day low. Exit is 2 bid above recent high.Yes, Sakari Again we have been shorting this stock for quite some time, the trend is still going down and we believe the trend will remain the same until it ends.

If you want to know the Trigger or stoploss price, u can email me at

Stocks at 52weeks low

Some of you might have some Long stocks that you bought recently which still have some small profit on hand, and might think you should sell or not. As many Guru have said, Never let Profit run into Losses. What i will do is move the stoploss to my breakeven price.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Biosensors - Short Signal

Biosensor closed 1.27 today after hitting on the support turned resistance trend line(Black line). If you have followed my previous post you might have entered the trade but then you probably just lose a small amount on that bet. However for those who have attended my class, where i teaches how to catch reversal during sharp fall. You probably manage to not to entered. Anyway, trading is not about winning all the time, the most important is to catch the trend in the market. Win big and Lose small. that's why i always mention where is the cut loss.
Ok enough story, remember we drew the trendline channel?  Biosensor hit the resistance and turned back. our ART System also gave a signal, the set up will be Short Entry = $1.25, Stoploss= $1.35 First target $1.12 follow by $0.97 Timeframe 2weeks++

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Market going down further?

More short signal for tomorrow(shown on the pic above), so far the signal has been profitable. The market continue to fall unexpectedly, when comes to Shorting most will think it is too low to short/ too late to short.  As the old saying goes like this, "the trend remain the same until it change". We haven get any sign of turning yet. Highlighted a few of the more trendy stock in above pic, those are my preferred stock for shorting. Will keep a lookout tomorrow to confirm the direction, to enter you need to wait for the price to break below previous day low. If it gap down a lot, you might want to reconsider.

STI Outlook on weekly chart, we tend to have some support by the trend line at 2780, IF STI stay above this level on friday, we "might" see some rebound next week

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sakari Follow up - Short Signal

Sakari closed 1.605 today, ended at the lowest price of the day which most stock were up. Congrats if u have followed our previous post on Sakari. We shorted at 1.95 and now is almost 18% gain. No, not calling to take profit this time. But we are calling for Shorts again, a good entry will be 1.60, Stoploss 1.66, Timeframe 10-30days. Target 1.40. If it is not triggered tomorrow, we will wait for break prior day low.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stock at 52 Week High/Low

Just did a scan with my Metastock explorer on the 52week high and Low to see which stock is at their best and which stock is at their worst right now. Well, there is no right or wrong whether to buy at high or low, it all depends on your strategy and also your risk appetite. 
Currently the 52week high stocks are holding strong despite the recent correction, most are dividend stocks. These are good stocks but slow moving.

52week breakout strategy:

Buying a winner:
The stocks at 52week low are mostly stocks that are heavily sold down in recent correction, most people would be eyeing on these stock, hoping to make a killing in the rebound. Well, currently mid term trend is still down, any rebound from this 52week low list would be a good shorting candidate for us if market turn weak again.

No indication of buy or sell in this posting. For ur reference only.

Monday, May 21, 2012

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Friday, May 18, 2012

STXOSV Short Signal

STXOSV closed 1.58 today at the lowest price of the day. Our position trade system give us a Shorting signal as the chart is showing us the short term it is turning down again. A good entry will be 1 bid below previous day low, which means enter when price hit $1.575. Stoploss can place at 1.71, but if u think it is too far, u can place ur stoploss at 1.65 somewhere around 5% of your entry price. Mid to long term trade(2weeks and above. First target 1.45, second target 1.30

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Congrats!! Taking some Profit on Short Position

 SGX now trading at 6.34, we have been shorting this stock since 6.77, now i feel it is a good time to take some profit off the table because it is now at the channel support level. However this does not mean that there will be a reversal immediately, The first sign of reversal will be price breaking above the previous day high. Or closing 5% above the recent lowest point.
Wilmar currently trading at $4.03, we call for a  SHORT on wilmar one week ago. Just one day before the result announcement. We called to enter at 4.77(Next day gap down, we entered next day at 4.72), and target at 4.40 and 4.00.(check out the post here) When i am setting the target, some people may think it is abit ridiculous to set a target at 4.00. Yes, even i find a bit far to reach. But that is also means we got very good risk/reward ratio. Well, Congrats if u have followed this trade. Will keep you all updated if there is any other good trade.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Free CFD Seminar

Foundation you need before trading CFD
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Mr Andy Yew, Phillip Securities Remisier/CFD Specialist

Genting SP - 1Q12 Net Profit Down 33%

Overall revenue for first quarter of 2012 was affected by lower win percentage and business volume in the premium player business when compared to first quarter of 2011. Consequently, the Group's net profit for the first quarter of 2012 was S$211.5 million as affected by the revenue mentioned above.

Genting Sp closed 1.67 today before the announcement of the Q1 result, the ART system show us a sell signal today. Will trigger sell if tomorrow drop 1 bid below today's low which is 1.66. Though there is support at 1.635, but I am not sure whether it will hold the stock. If tomorrow it gap below 1.635, it show more WEAKness

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wilmar decide to go lower?

Wilmar opened at 4.85 today buy end closing at 4.79, our system gave a Short signal today telling us there is chance for this stock to go lower. Entry will be one bid below prior day low 4.77, Timeframe mid term(2weeks +) Stoploss place can place at 4.90. Target?? I drew the parallel channel of this chart, a reasonable target will probably be 4.40 (previous low), follow by 4.00(channel line support)

Monday, May 7, 2012

QAF - Gardenia Bread company

Gardenia - So Good You Can Even Eat It On Its Own. Very familiar tag line...

QAF closed 0.735 on Friday, Long term trend up, mid term trend up, and Short term is also turning up. Comparing to many other stocks in the market, this stock is consider a strong trending stock. Why say so? Because most stock is on downtrending mode right now, especially those popular stock and blue chips we are familiar. We got a buy arrow on last wednesday, not triggered yet and we are waiting for the price to break above previous day high. A good entry will be 0.74 for tomorrow, stoploss 0.705, timeframe 2week to 2month.
A longer term view on this stock, this stock has been ranging from 0.54 to 0.80, recently it breaks the 2010 high. Volume picking up, if this stock can stay above the resistance we might see alot more upside.

I believe most people is not familiar to this stock, even me myself is not so familiar. You can do your homework on the following links: Check the company on their website:
Some fundamental info for QAF on businessweek website, not that the stock will be giving out dividend on this coming tuesday.

This stock may not be your first choice for a dividend stock, though it has been paying dividend almost every year but the dividend payout timing and amount is not so consistent

Sakari & Noble - Short Signal

Noble Group closed 1.21 on last friday, this stock has been dropping for almost 2 month already. The mid term trend turn bearish since March(Blue bar turn Red), now the long term trend is also in Red( Short ribbon). Last friday the short term reversal gave us a signal for Shorting this stock, Entry price will be 1 bid below the previous day low,1.205. Stoploss will be 1.245, Timeframe 2weeks-2month(mid term), Target 1.09(personal opinion)

Sakari closed 1.98 on last friday, the story is same as above. Entry for Shorting 1.97, Stoploss 2.065, timeframe 2wk-2mth. First target 1.80, super strong support.

Both stock are in oversold position actually the chart is almost similar, so you might want to choose one if your capital is small, nothing is guarantee so pls watch your stoploss.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Osim Chart analysis

Osim, currently trading at 1.27 one of the stocks that rebound strongly today. The reason why I prefer to post on this stock is because this stock is trading above the 10/50/100 MA. Trendline wise, it is still on an upward parallel channel. Resistance can be seen at 1.325, follow by 1.40. Stoploss can be place 5% below your buying price 1.205. mid term trade, 2weeks and above. **Result release on 7 May 2012.

Do you feel that you miss the boat already? When ever i have this feeling on certain stocks, the stock will continue to go higher and higher. I believe this feeling is created by the big boys, when they want to push the stocks higher they dont want you to join in at the early stage of the trend. That's why when stocks have sudden move, or gap higher it will give u those "too high to chase" feeling.