Thursday, May 3, 2012

Osim Chart analysis

Osim, currently trading at 1.27 one of the stocks that rebound strongly today. The reason why I prefer to post on this stock is because this stock is trading above the 10/50/100 MA. Trendline wise, it is still on an upward parallel channel. Resistance can be seen at 1.325, follow by 1.40. Stoploss can be place 5% below your buying price 1.205. mid term trade, 2weeks and above. **Result release on 7 May 2012.

Do you feel that you miss the boat already? When ever i have this feeling on certain stocks, the stock will continue to go higher and higher. I believe this feeling is created by the big boys, when they want to push the stocks higher they dont want you to join in at the early stage of the trend. That's why when stocks have sudden move, or gap higher it will give u those "too high to chase" feeling.