Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hi-P close highest at $1.24 today, up 1.64% while STI was flat. I have posted this stock for many many times, since $1 and i think it is still a strong stock.

Ex Div: 3 May, 1st Q result: 4 May

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gallant, Brightwor, Osim

Gallant, has been going sideway consolidation since the wide range bar appear, volume has also been diminishing. Watch out for big movement/volume.

Brightwor, have gone sideway for quite a long time after a period of uptrend. Recently it breakout from the sideway trend with high volume, signifying there is strength continue with the uptrend. Result coming out 29 apr, AGM on 28, Ex Div 10 May.

Osim International said first- quarter profit more than doubled to $20.1 million. Sales in the three months ended March 31 rose 16% to $149 million, the Singapore-based company said in a statement after the close of trading today.(bloomberg)

Charting wise, we have a buy signal today. This stock has always been outperforming the STI and most stock in sgx, i reckon it will have a very powerful uptrend if it can break 1.74.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Genting Sp follow up.

following up my previous post..

Genting has showed strength of holding on to the price after breakout, stay outside the downtrend channel for more than 10days and tested the resistance turned support line without falling back to the channel. Today, when market fall near 30points, this guy still standing strong and close the day at the highest point. These evidence give us reason that that this stock is likely to continue its short -mid term bullish trend. Can consider entry if it move higher tomorrow, stoploss can put at 2.05

CapmallsAsia downtrend channel

Capmallsasia, can take a look at this stock for shorting. Currently it is at the resistance of the downtrend channel. If the trend continues, we will be targeting 1.60. Use CFD for shorting, nothing is 100% always put ur stoploss.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bearish Stock to Short

Swiber closed 0.84 today, current trend is still down and just bounced off the resistance line few days ago. Got potential to go lower, can consider to short if it go lower tomorrow, Stop loss can put at 0.89. Timeframe around 2 week.

NOL, since the start of this year, this stock has been going downtrend, few weeks ago, it change to consolidation phase when STI rally. Got potential to go lower if it break the box. Stoploss can put at 1.97.

Friday, April 8, 2011


ChinaMinzhong broke previous channel(green line), retrace back into the channel breakout again before testing the support. We some how can confirm that it has form a new and stronger upward trend. Good stock to look at for next 1-3month.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SIA Engg

SIA Engg closed 4.02, having a downtrend since October last year, this stock have been trying hard to break the 4.10 support. Finally it break through on 17/3 with a long black candle. As previously mentioned, a successful breakout is when the stock stay below the resistance for more than 10days and price fail to break through resistance when tested. Using our short term reversal system, we have a short sell signal today, Entry can be 4.00 , stoploss 4.11, Target 3.90 timeframe 2 week-1month. (disclaimer: nothing is 100%)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Genting Sp

Genting Sp rallied to 2.09 today, looking at the chart the price has just hit the upper channel resistance. There will be 2 possibilities:
1) It hit resistance, turn around and continue it's downtrend.
2) Breakout above the downtrend channel and continue to move higher(trend change)

For effective breakout we have to observe the chart movement for the next few day.
a) price move above 3% of the resistance line
b) price accompanied with high volume
c) Price continue to stay above for next 3-5day
d) price did not drop back into the downtrend channel for next 10days(sideway consolidation)

The stock will confirm the trend change when it make a "higher low"

Technically speaking, the above criteria is hard to meet unless the stock is really very strong. Hence for short term investor, we should consider to sell (half) when stock reach resistance. Buy back when the trend is confirm.