Friday, July 31, 2015

Maxis-Downtrend stock, exception of bullish market in Malaysia

MAXIS one of the biggest telecom company in Malaysia suffered from a downturn in share price since May. Our ART Supertrend system suggests there is a change of trend from bullish to bearish at beginning of May, it was indicated in orange bar. Since the first orange bar, price has fallen as much as 12%.

Furthermore, Smart Money Index (Graph at the bottom) assists in identify flow of fund whether is from Banker (Blue bar at bottom) or Retail buyer (Green bar at top). Bankers are commonly known as market mover, they consistently support the price, the share price is not sustainable when Banker Fund withdrawn in April. The trend remain weak unless we see the candlestick close above RM$6.65

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SUPER uptrend share- Raffles Medical with only 2% net profit grow in Q2

Despite the stock went on a sideway between March to May (orange bars), Raffles medical have been running on an uptrend after May onward, with the Q2 report released on today the net profit is up by 2.2%. 

It was primary eroded by increased staff cost which can be seen as for a good cause – Raffles Medical had been busy recruiting more doctors, specialists, nurses, and ancillary staff that’s needed for the Raffles Hospital expansion and new medical centers at Shaw Centre in Orchard Road which started serving its first patients just last month.

However, the share rises before the report announced, how can you foresee capture this uptrend stock? With our position trade system which allows you to response to the possibility of growth.

The share has increased about 1sgd, which is around 25% grow with our position trade system shows the trend is super uptrend (changing colour from orange to green). In additional of the banker fund flow in, it suggests the share remains strong. Support level is near $4.6, trend remain strong unless price break $4.6 in near term. (purple line)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

XinQuan Starting a bullish Trend?

 Yesterday, I met Mr Koon Yew Yin, one of successful investor in Malaysia yesterday and he mentioned that he only hold 5 Stocks, VS, Latitude, Poh Huat, Lii Hen, XinQuan. According to Mr Koon, he usually buy stock with good fundamental. This sparks an interest of me to give this stock an analysis. 

Without our System, If you have bought Xin Quan one year ago and hold it till now, you will still be losing about 40% of your capital.

If you Follow Supertrend System, Buy on first green candle, sell on First Orange candle. You would have profited 30% gain.

Last friday we saw a green candle, seems like there is some buying over there. Stoploss if price fall below RM0.44

Friday, July 24, 2015

Black Horse Screener Malaysia Stock

3 days ago I posted our Black Horse screener result on our free chat group, one of this malaysia stock YongTai moved the next day, and the next day and the next day. Up 30% in 3 days. Come on Guys, lets discuss more in the chat group. Join by clicking the link below

Biosensors - Time to Exit ? Or Time to Short-Sell ? You See yourself !

Biosensors stock price has broken below support level, using our Super Trend System it shows that the color has turned to Orange which mean bearish and be more careful if you are holding this stock. 

In our opinion it is best that you exit the position or exit partially if you have this stock. 

Alternately you may want to consider short-sell, and cover back only when the candlestick's color turn to Green which mean bullish. 

Based on the chart, ART Super Trend System works well for this stock. 

Click here for more about Super Trend System

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

3 Tips For Trading Penny Stocks - Andy Yew Radio Interview on 938Live 22 July 2015

Glad that i Share these tips on the Radio, though i don't trade penny stock myself, these TIPS that will definitely help you in your trading.

Recently we see that there is a lot of action in the Penny stocks, many people started to become professional short term trader making 10-20% profits in a day. This is great sign that investors are coming back to the market. 

Here i have 3 trading Tips for Penny stocks,
Number 1, I need to caution all investors not to overtrade, trade what you can afford to lose, today a new investors called me and told me he lost  9000 dollars in a single day and asked me for advice, the advice i gave him is to stop trading.

Number 2, the volatility in Penny stocks may cause you to lose alot of money in a day if your size is too big. Dont put too much money in Penny stocks.

Number 3,  The seasons to trade Penny stocks comes and goes quickly in Singapore. Make sure that you dont fall in love with the penny stocks when the seasons is over, penny stocks earn their bad names for a reason.

Noble Chart on Supertrend Turned Orange last night

Noble Chart on Supertrend Turned Orange last night, mid term not looking good, base on past result we should not ignore the bearish signal, Noble has fall at least 20-30% For the past few them after we sell at orange candle. Shareholders need to beware where the price is going.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

MM2 Asia Ltd - How far can it goes, it is too high to enter ?

Are you looking for trending stocks? Why you must trade trending stock?  and how are you going to find it ?

Most traders like to trade trending stock because it help them to make most money and less stressful. 

With ART Powerful Stock Screener, you will no longer miss out any trending stocks. Our screener will help you to screen out  any stock that you will never see before in your life.  

Below list show you stocks that were scanned out from stock screener and one of the stock called MM2 which you may not hear it before appear on the list. 

As of now MM2 is still up trending, the 1st entry arrow was appeared on March this year, since then the price keep moving up. We will only exit this stock when the arrow and candle turn to red color.

Headquartered in Singapore, mm2 Asia is a producer of movies and TV/online content. As a producer, mm2 Asia provides services that cover the entire filmmaking process including securing financing, producing and distributing as well as securing advertising and sponsorship. In addition to Singapore, mm2 Asia also has a presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the PRC through the Group companies and/or strategic working partnerships. Over the years, mm2 Asia has produced or co-produced and/or distributed more than 20 movies. Some of its notable productions include ‘Ah Boys to Men’, the highest grossing local production in Singapore in 2012; ‘Ah Boys to Men II’; and the ‘Lion Men’ series. In Malaysia, mm2 Asia distributed ‘The Journey’ in 2014, which became the highest grossing Malaysian movie of all time. mm2 Asia also co-produced its first Taiwan-made movie ‘做你爱做的事’ in 2013 and co-produced two PRC-made movies, ‘Spinning into Darkness’ and ‘为你转身’ for release in the PRC. ‘That Girl in Pinafore’, another movie produced and distributed by mm2 Asia, premiered at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Singapore stock dividend: Billionaire Plays with Dividend Yields Above 3%

  • There are currently 50 actively traded stocks listed on SGX with a market capitalisation of S$1 billion or more, that maintain an average dividend yield greater than or equal to 3.0%.
  • The five best performers in terms of dividend-adjusted total returns in the year thus far were Yuexiu Property Company, Sheng Siong Group, SATS, First Real Estate Investment Trust, and Starhill Global REIT.
  • In terms of indicative yields, the five best stocks were Asian Pay Television Trust, Venture Corporation, Hutchison Port Holdings Trust, OUE Hospitality Trust, and China Merchants Holdings (Pacific).

There are currently 50 actively traded stocks listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) that have a market capitalisation of S$1 billion or more, and a dividend yield greater or equal to 3.0%. They averaged a 4.3% decline in terms of dividend-adjusted total return in the year thus far and a 1.1% fall over the last 12 months.

The five best-performing stocks among the 50 averaged a 21.2% dividend-adjusted total return in the year-to-date. They were Yuexiu Property Company (+31.8%) , Sheng Siong Group (+24.0%), SATS (+18.7%), First Real Estate Investment Trust (+16.2%), and Starhill Global REIT (+14.7%).

Conversely, the five least-performing stocks among the 50 were Sembcorp Industries, Sembcorp Marine, CapitaLand Commercial Trust, Jardine Cycle & Carriage, and OSIM International, which averaged a 15.5% decline.

In terms of indicative dividend yields, the five best were Asian Pay Television Trust, Venture Corporation, Hutchison Port Holdings Trust, OUE Hospitality Trust, and China Merchants Holdings (Pacific), with an average yield of 9.0%.

Three of the highest-yielding stocks – Asian Pay Television Trust, Hutchison Port Holdings Trust and China Merchants Holdings (Pacific) – have significant geographical exposure to the greater China region.

As highlighted in a previous Market Update last month, Asian Pay Television Trust, Hutchison Port Holdings, and OUE Hospitality Trust were also among five stocks that maintained the highest dividend yields (click hereto read more).

The table below details the 50 stocks and is sorted by market capitalisation. Note that clicking on a stock name will take you to its relevant page on StockFacts.

Source: My Gateway

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Singapore Company Results: The earnings seasons for Q2 2015 is here !

The earnings seasons for Q2 2015 is here, below are the Singapore stock corporate earnings calendar for (Q2 2015)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FREE Investment Seminar by Andy Yew (in Singapore)

This month Seminar Topics:
5 Step to Consistently Pick the Biggest Winner in Stock market
Which stock are the Strongest Trending stock now in SGX, HKSE, SSE, NYSE and Nasdaq?
What should be the strategies for current markets ?
What sector to look at and which sector to avoid ?
Market outlook and individual Singapore stocks analysis using Technical Analysis

Date: 24 July 2015, Friday,  (English) 7pm - 10pm
          30 July 2015, Thursday,  (English) 7pm - 10pm
Venue: International Plaza #34-07, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903 
( Nearest MRT Tanjong Pagar )

Fee: Free
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What Stock is Safer now for China A Share

After the Massive selldown in China market, many stock has fallen more than 30%, today an investor ask me what stock is safe now to invest. lets see what market is telling us which are the strong UPtrend that remain resilient to all the market chaos. The picture below are the stock we found on Strong up trend screener.