Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SUPER uptrend share- Raffles Medical with only 2% net profit grow in Q2

Despite the stock went on a sideway between March to May (orange bars), Raffles medical have been running on an uptrend after May onward, with the Q2 report released on today the net profit is up by 2.2%. 

It was primary eroded by increased staff cost which can be seen as for a good cause – Raffles Medical had been busy recruiting more doctors, specialists, nurses, and ancillary staff that’s needed for the Raffles Hospital expansion and new medical centers at Shaw Centre in Orchard Road which started serving its first patients just last month.

However, the share rises before the report announced, how can you foresee capture this uptrend stock? With our position trade system which allows you to response to the possibility of growth.

The share has increased about 1sgd, which is around 25% grow with our position trade system shows the trend is super uptrend (changing colour from orange to green). In additional of the banker fund flow in, it suggests the share remains strong. Support level is near $4.6, trend remain strong unless price break $4.6 in near term. (purple line)