Tuesday, June 30, 2015

China Shanghai Index Drop 22%, into bear market? Cut???

If the Rate cuts and RRR cut dont work, what will China Government do to prevent further drop?

Freeze/ Suspend IPO as alot of money has gone into the IPO stock, they have gone up and now came back down.

Reduce Stamp Duties or the Leverage of Margin financing.

My personal view:
This round of correction is good for the bull market, it is actually a long overdue correction to remind the investors to be cautious of market Volatility. It is not whether your stock is a good stock or a bad stock because everyone will think their stock is good, that is why they buy and own it. It is about the size you are holding is it too big for you to hold, more often than not, Investor tend to take too much risk than they suppose.

How much Risk is Right?
If you can sleep very well when Dow Jones/SSE drop 3% a day, That means you are managing Risk right. If you feel worry and cant sleep, that risk is too much for you.

Bottom Line: "Market will always be around, you must be around when market turn around"

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Bloomberg's Stephen Engle reports on the performance of China A-shares. He speaks with Bloomberg's Yvonne Man on "First Up." (Source: Bloomberg)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Did Noble Group make money for you?

Noble Group is one of the stock that is most popular among our Singapore investors, I guess most investor is interested in this stock because there is always alot of news, rumours and action in the stocks. Since beginning of 2014 till now, the stock move from $0.95 Jan 2014, to $1.48 in Jun 2014, then it start falling all the way till today $0.72.

Of cause we are not here to debate whether this is a good stock or not. But if you think this stock is good, you may be interested to know how you should have traded it.

Our Supertrend system is a trend following system, the purpose of having a system is to prevent you from big loss in a stock and encourage you to hold for a big win.

Green candle represent Bullish Trend, Orange Candle represent Bearish Trend. If you have followed Noble with Supertrend system, your Long only trade(no short) result will be (+36%-7.8%-2.8%)= 25.4%gain

That is better than if you buy Noble and hold it until now, -25%, you probably lost 25% of you capital already.

How ever, if you are very savvy investor that know how to Long and Short Noble using CFD, then the result will be (+36%-3%-7.8%+16.4%-2.8%+33.5%) = 72.3% Gain

**To prevent losses, you should stay away from a downtrend when Supertrend candle show orange candle.
**We cannot predict where the price will go, most people did not expect Noble to drop so much. Will Noble rebound from here? We cannot predict this. But system show green candle, anything is possible.
**above gain and loss example are derive from Chartnexus gain and loss ruler, dont have time to calculate in excel for exact figures.
** For the same stocks no matter the stock is good or bad, there are always Winner and Losers.

For more information on the Supertrend system and Stock example, please register for our next seminar in the link below.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ezra RIghts and convertible bonds issue

Today I get a call from my client asking whether she should subscribe the rights of EZRA holdings

Ezra expect to raise $150million USD in this fund raising activity.

If you are not sure whether you should subscribe the Rights or not, here are a few question to help you.

Why the company is asking for new Funds? Do you know the purpose of the fund raising? Company using the additional money to build new business? or the Company is having a cashflow problem, and they are rising fund to pay old debt?

Does this company pay dividends, if not you are depending on the price to rise so you can get back your money. If so, What are the chances that the price is going to rise after the rights Issue

Is the Industry doing well? If yes, the price of stock should be rising by now. If industry and stock both not doing well, why are you investing more money into this company?

Conclusion: I think investor should buy stock like buying a business, the business that Make money for you is good Business, the business that keep losing money(price drop) for you is bad business. Always invest more on good business, Never add position to a losing position.

Below, our system show a bearish signal on ezra chart at $1.08, once again Proven to us that it can help us to prevent a big loss in stock!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Innovalue Very Good Run is over for now

Innovalue show Orange candle 3 days ago, sign of a trend change in ART Supertrend system. The trend started at 0.156 and turn orange at 0.66 in April(323% up), Follow by a continuation 0.75 and exit by 0.83(10.6% up). In trend following, you gotta learn to ride the trend, and get out when trend ends. Dont fall in love with the stocks, especially when Art supertrend show orange candles.

Monday, June 22, 2015

FREE Investment Seminar by Andy Yew (in Singapore)

This week Seminar Topics:
5 Step to Consistently Pick the Biggest Winner in Stock market
Which stock are the Strongest Trending stock now in SGX, HKSE, SSE, NYSE and Nasdaq?
What should be the strategies for current markets ?
What sector to look at and which sector to avoid ?
Market outlook and individual Singapore stocks analysis using Technical Analysis

Date:  24 Jun 2015 (Wednesday),  (English) 7pm - 10pm
26 Jun 2015,星期五(华语讲座)晚上7点 - 晚上10点
Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #34-07 Singapore 079903 (we have moved to new location)
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Friday, June 19, 2015

Singpost - Outperforming STI

Singpost a company that most investors are familiar, but many sold too early before Alibaba taken share of the company and missed the big trend. Singpost on our chart show that they have proven track record of making good and big trend when our Candlestick turn green. Some trend can move for more than 6 month. On the bigger picture on the chart above, Singpost is definitely an uptrending stock for the past 3 years, Outperforming STI.
On a shorter term, Singapost already corrected for more than 3 month, now our system show sign of reversal, orange candle turn green, signaling that mid term there might be a trend change. Lets see!

To understand more on ART Supertrend System can read on our previous post

How BYD trade is done - Warren buffett backed Hong kong stock

MERS Idea Singapore Stock - For you Information

Recently someone ask me what stock will have the potential to move if there is a MERS outbreak, what we see is these stock have been moving on an uptrend since the beginning of the year. Maybe we should look at Pharmaceutical and HealthCare glove stock.

Business Summary

TIANJIN ZHONGXIN PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP CORPORATION LIMITED is a China-based company mainly engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The Company’s main products include Chinese patent medicines, western medicines, Chinese medicinal materials, pharmaceutical raw materials and preparations, biological medicines, dietary supplements and other products. The Company’s main products consist of drugs for treatment of cardiovascular diseases and enterogastritis, respiratory drugs, as well as antineoplastic drugs, among others. It distributes its products within domestic market and to overseas markets. 

Business Summary

Riverstone Holdings Limited is a Singapore-based investment holding company. The company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of gloves. The Company is specialized in the production of Cleanroom and Healthcare Gloves, fingercots, cleanroom packaging bags and face masks. The company primarily operates in Malaysia, Thailand and China. The Company has four manufacturing facilities, located in Malaysia, Thailand and China. The Company subsidiaries include Riv erstone Resources Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), Riv erstone Industrial Products Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), Eco Medi Glove Sdn Bhd, Pro tective Technology Co. Ltd (Thailand) and Riv erstone Resources (S) Pte Ltd (Singapore). 

Daniel Loh 6月19日 FM958 电台访问:海指3250-3300就是买入区域,不要错过! 美国股市有机会反弹再次创高点!

Article from www.danielloh.com 

·         美国道琼斯指数昨天闭市在17936点。
·         昨天联储局主席耶伦向全世界透露美国不会增加利率。
·         这个决定跟我们前几个月的预测一样,暂时美国没有条件增加利率。耶伦一直都在采纳拖延的战术,甚至可能九月都不会上升。有两个原因
·         第一:美国的通货膨胀没有到预期的2%,这也是耶伦昨天一直提到的。
·         但是我觉得更重要的原因是:欧洲,中国,日本,全世界第二,第三和第四大经济体都一直在降低利率。如果这个时候美国增加的话,钱就会跑到这些国家,对美国的经济不会有帮助。
·         我们觉得除非中国,日本和欧洲开始表现出会有停止降低利率的状况或则这些国家经济开始复苏的状况,要不然我觉得美国不会增长的。当然耶伦讲话时是不会说美国怕国际的竞争,但我觉得是主要考量。
·         最近除了利率的问题,可能很多投资朋友都担心希腊的问题。我们的判断是大家不用太操心。
·         我们相信欧洲央行或国际货币基金组IMF因该不会给希腊经济崩溃,因该还会继续借他们钱。原因是欧洲为自己的经济采取了很多措施,他们因该不会让一个小的希腊驶到自己的经济或股市受伤。
·         我们的判断是就算希腊真的借不到钱,经济崩溃,股市怎么掉,会怎么回来。万一发生,我觉得是一个好机会投资股票。
·         3个月美国道指都一直在一个狭窄的600点盘整。从17750-18350之间。
·         虽然点数没掉太多,但我们判断道指已经可能调整完了。大家可以称机会看一些美国的股票,相信因该会在接下来几个月又回到历史高点。


·         我们判断海指在3250-3300点就是捡便宜的机会,大家不要错过这个机会。
·         两天前海指就跌倒了3300点以下,到了最低3291点。
·         我鼓励大家这样做:大家可以开始找出一些好的股票来测试水温,投资一点。如果指数真的继续往上走,就慢慢买上去。
·         如果股市又开始滑落,大家可以等两个星期后再进场。我觉得股市在3250-3300点就差不多到底了。
·         鼓励大家可以留意STI ETF,跟海指挂钩的股票,或者看银行领域股和石油领域的股票。这两个领域的股票都跌了相当多,有机会反弹。


·         中国股市绝对还是在一个相当高的状态,鼓励大家不要再投资中国股票了。一天涨跌2-3%是相当平常的事。
·         这样大的波动率我觉得相当不寻常,要小心。
·         我们觉得这几个月,中国股市可能会有一个比较大的调整。
·         鼓励大家等到中国股市有机会跌到4300点以下再看中国股票。


·         横生指数这一个月表现其实相当不好。从最高28500点跌到现在26500点。
·         一个月就掉了2000点,7%
·         我觉得横生指数还有机会再滑落。横生接下来比较强的支持点就在26000点。

·         26000点到了再看吧

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How BYD trade is done - Warren buffett backed Hong kong stock

Previous post http://www.andy-yew.com/2015/02/byd-company-01211hk-target-lifted-to-72.html 

When we posted BYD in February the price was only $30, today we see the price at $51, it is time to do a review on the trade.

Why we enter this trade?
Everytime Green candle appear, the Probability of winning is very high
Payout is good, if catch the trend at the right time, the price will move pretty much. You need to backtest to find out probability and expected payout.

How we trade?
Having a system give us an entry and exit(Candle turn Orange to Green means trend change to bullish, Greed to Orange means bearish), however we focus on mid term trade due to lesser attention needed on the stock. Only need to watch once at the end of the day, not whole day watching the stock. Patience is needed as a good trend can lasted for few month.

So now what?
Now the candle is Orange, mid term trend is not bullish. We will stay out and wait for the next Bullish Signal

FOMC - NO RATE HIKE for Jun, forecast of a first rate hike in September ?

The FOMC proved to be surprisingly dovish in their latest monetary statement. Although the median projection of rates remained between 0.5% to 0.75%, the most hawkish of estimates fell to 0.875% from 1.625% in March. Whereas four officials in March had the confidence to believe that rates should end above 1% in 2015, in June’s edition all officials felt that rates should end the year below 1%. Couple this with toned down economic projections, the Fed appears sufficiently and unambiguously dovish.

No change to median projection of end-2015 interest rates (0.5% to 0.75%) (current: 0.25%).

Two officials felt that the rate hike should only take place in 2016 (no change from March).

The most hawkish FOMC official feels rates should end 2015 below 1%. In March, the most hawkish estimate was 1.675%.

Interest rate projections for the long-run (2016 and beyond) have all been tuned down as well.
2015 GDP forecast revised downwards to 1.9% from 2.5%.

2015 unemployment rate revised higher to 5.25% from 5.1% - could be due to higher labour force participation rate though.

No change to inflation estimates. and No dissent from any FOMC voting members.

What This Means

We see no reason to deviate away from our forecast of a first rate hike in September.

Overall decline in the “dot plots” suggest that the FOMC has become more dovish – which explains the dollar’s lost strength across the FOMC session.

September now looks like the time for the first rate hike, although I won’t generally rule out December.

The tough economic environment means we expect the Fed to conduct only one rate hike this year; two, at most.

By the looks of it, the era of easy money looks to have been given extended life support – don’t expect it to end anytime soon.

Expected Market Reactions

Markets were generally volatile, with the dollar market reacting one of the heaviest.

Gold rose on a dovish Fed, but otherwise is still moving within its recent range-bound trajectory.

Equities rose but not by much – long upper and lower candle-wicks on charts suggest indecisiveness in the markets.

Expect the dollar to lose some strength in the coming days and possibly weeks.

Gold may possibly run back up to $1,200.

Soruce: PFPL
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Monday, June 15, 2015

IndoFood - Weak trend signal

So how we trade Indofood?
Indofood Agri is one of the most trending stock we have seen, the trend were mostly profitable for both uptrend and downtrend in the past 2 years if you are trading it with ART system.

Orange Candle represent mid term bearish trend, Green candle represent mid term bullish trend. The system show that now is Orange, the change in color also represent change in trend.

Not all signal is Tradeable, we need to check whether the system works for the stock. When evaluating whether to trade a signal, we usually ask 2 question.

1) Previous signal work or not? What is the probability of success? (no. winning trade/total no. trade)
2) What is the magnitude of successful trading signal?  - If win, how much/ long the trend will be?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Effect of MSCI delay China A Share Inclusion - Singapore Stock Broker Andy Yew 938Live Radio interview 10 June 2015

What could possibly account for M-S-C-I's hesitation to include China domestic shares in one of its key benchmarks?

The MSCI said that they will include China A share in their emerging market index AFTER they resolve a few remaining issue with regards to Market accessibility.

The 3 remaining issue are: 
Firstly Quota Allocation
Secondly are the Capital mobility restriction
and finally is daily liquidity

- China currently do not meet M-S-C-I's requirement for market accessibility..Do you think China will improve its market accessibility soon?
Yes, i think the issue can resolve pretty soon, China regulatories has been trying to  resolve the market accessibility issue, the regualtory has announced the launch of Shenzhen Hongkong stock connect which is planned to be second half of 2015 and the possible of increase in Daily quota. 

Currently Foreigners can only buy a net 13 billion yuan of mainland shares each day and there’s an aggregate quota of 300 billion yuan.Once the Shenzhen hongkong connect is completed and with the existing Shanghai Hongkong connect, alot of these capital allocation problem will be resolve as investor can buy an additional of more than 1600 stocks through the shenzhen-hong kong connect program

- Will this also potentially effect to other counters in the MSCI after China A share inclusion? 
China’s eventual inclusion would lead to a rebalancing of global investment, forcing funds to buy shares to match the new index. Currently we see the most beneficial counters will still be the China Counter, and India may face $3.8 bn outflow if China A enters MSCI as they lose their favoritism from the fund managers, we are likely to see capital outflow from India equities to china equities 

- What's your outlook on China A shares?
As the movement in China market is still 80% driven by retail investor, the current market is still very strong, the delay of MSCI inclusion does not really affect the market in the short term, hence Shanghai composite close flat today above 5100. However in the longer term outlook, the inclusion China Shares to the MSCI is just the matter of time, and possibly happen before 2016, it will definitely boost the confident of global investor to invest in china. We remain very bullish in China A share in a longer term.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ultimate Bull Stock - Strong counters

Straits Times Index up 30 point today, what are the stock that is potentially have another big run up? I did a scan using ART screener on Ultimate bull, the stock came out are mostly Strong up trend previously, possibly ready for continuation uptrend. Using this list, i will use Eye ball and scan through the individual stock to see which one is more suitable for my risk appetite.

This week Seminar Topics:

China Stock Still Good? How Do we Choose?
Will Singapore market follow China and Hong Kong markets?
What should be the strategies for current markets ?
What sector to look at and which sector to avoid ?
Market outlook and individual Singapore stocks analysis using Technical Analysis

Date:  11 Jun 2015 (Thursday),  (English) 7pm - 10pm
12 Jun 2015,星期五(华语讲座)晚上7点 - 晚上10点
Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #34-07 Singapore 079903 (New location)
( Nearest MRT Tanjong Pagar )

Fee: Free

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How do you trade Vard?

Using SuperTrend system, Vard show a Short Signal yesterday, the signal show that the trend has change for the mid term. Previously if you have follow the signal, the trade will be as follow

Short Signal at $1.06
Long Signal at $0.56
Short Signal at $0.50
Long Signal at $0.53
Short Signal at $0.54

If you are using the system on BUY only, the 2 trade will be one small losses and one small gain. Long $0.56 Cover at $0.53, and Long 0.53 Cover $0.54
* Long is not so profitable
* Short is more profitable that Long
*Vard is profitable if you catch the right trend
*Vard is still profitable if you catch the right and the wrong trend. Win Big, Lose Small

If you can Long and Short Vard, the result will be very different from Long Only, you will end up with Positive 25.85% gain(Before deduct commission)

Below is a backtesting base on going long on the stock, and double sell it when Supertrend give a Short signal. E.g i holding 10000 share on Vard, upon seeing the Short signal, i Sell 20000, hence covering the existing position and my position become net 10000 short.

This week Seminar Topics:

China Stock Still Good? How Do we Choose?
Will Singapore market follow China and Hong Kong markets?
What should be the strategies for current markets ?
What sector to look at and which sector to avoid ?
Market outlook and individual Singapore stocks analysis using Technical Analysis

Date:  11 Jun 2015 (Thursday),  (English) 7pm - 10pm
22 May 2015,星期五(华语讲座)晚上7点 - 晚上10点
Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #34-07 Singapore 079903 (we have moved to new location)
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Share consolidations announced following the introduction of the Minimum Trading Price on SGX Mainboard

Following the introduction of the S$ 0.20 Minimum Trading Price on SGX Mainboard, SGX expects many Issuers to meet this requirement by announcing share consolidations. To date there have been more than 60 announcements made, mostly by Issuers with a December 2014 year end, a second group with June 2015 year ends is likely to follow later this calendar year.

Share Consolidation, also known as “Reverse Stock Split”, is an exercise undertaken by the company to reduce the total number of shares in issue while simultaneously increasing the price of each share. After this exercise, investors will own fewer but proportionately higher priced shares due to the reduction in the number of shares in issue. Share consolidation has no effect on the value of the investor’s overall shareholdings relative to the total market valuation of the company.
SGX wants you to be aware of the following information that could be relevant for you:
1. The standard procedure for share consolidations
2. Where and how to trade odd lots
3. Where to find more information about announced share consolidations

1. Share consolidation procedure
SGX Mainboard Issuer publishes several announcements in relation to the proposed share consolidation. The final announcement, after shareholder approval has been obtained, will contain the dates that trading in the existing trading counter will cease and the share consolidation will be effectuated. The announcement will mention 2 dates; the ex-date and the record date.

  • The ex-date is the date on which a security will be traded with price adjusted for post consolidation using a new stock code.
  • On the record date, the adjusted post-consolidated shareholdings are calculated and adjusted in accordance with the distribution ratio using the investor’s CDP holdings. The CDP account will reflect the adjusted total holdings of the consolidated shares on the next business day. The holdings will be automatically moved to the new stock code by SGX CDP

2. Odd lots
Share consolidations could result in an investor owning odd lots, e.g. 1250 shares. SGX recommends the investor to trade the standard board lots in the standard trading counter (1200 shares) in the Ready Market and only to trade the odd lots (50 shares) only in the Unit Share Market.

3. Corporate announcements

  • All corporate actions announced to date including the Ex-Date and Record Date (go to SGX.com > Company Information > Corporate Action > Select Year = 2015 and Category = Entitle)
  • All company announcements including those that have announced a share consolidation however not the formal dates (go to SGX.com > Company Information > Company Announcements > select Announcement period = Last 6 Months, Announcement category = Corporate Action, Share consolidation)
  • Click here will direct you to SGX web page for Corporate Action

Singapore Dividend Yields: Singapore Maintains Highest Dividend Yields in Asia !

  • The FTSE Singapore Index – used for country comparisons - maintains a dividend yield of 3.4%, which is the highest index yield among the region’s 11 indices which average a 2.3% yield.
  • Ancillary to the Index, the FTSE Singapore Index lists 51 active stocks with dividend yields at or above 3% and market cap above S$1 billion. These 51 stocks averaged a 4.6% total return in the 2015 year through to 3 June.
FTSE Group provides an alternate Index series that enables international like-for-like comparisons of stock markets - this includes 11 Asian indices, which have performances expressed in total returns in US Dollars, while providing a monthly updates on dividend yields. These FTSE Countries Indices can be found on page 10 of the FTSE Asia Monthly Index Report – found here.

As illustrated below, at the end of May, the FTSE Singapore Index maintained a yield of 3.41%, which was the highest among the 11 indices in Asia.
Source: FTSE Group

The FTSE Singapore Index dividend yield of 3.41% is more than 1.00% higher than the 2.32% average yield of the comparative FTSE Indices for Asia.

The FTSE Singapore Index is a broader and much less known index than the Straits Times Index (STI), and a part of a global equity index series used for global comparisons. Due to the global equity index methodology, the FTSE Singapore Index does not include Jardine Matheson Holdings, Jardine Strategic Holdings and Hongkong Land. For a country’s index to be constructed and included in the FTSE Global Equity Index Series, it must have a minimum of three companies which pass all the eligibility criteria.

The FTSE Singapore is made up of both large cap and mid cap stocks. Among these stocks, most are STI stocks and some are the largest stocks of the FTSE ST Mid Cap Index. The index also does not include secondary listings. The table below details the 11 FTSE Indices relevant to Asia and the number of constituents represented in each of the indices.
Source: FTSE Group

Billion Market Cap & Dividend Yields at 3% or Higher
There are currently 51 stocks listed in Singapore that maintain a market capitalisation greater than S$1 billion with a dividend yield greater than or equal to 3.0%.

Together the 51 stocks averaged a 4.6% total return in the 2015 year through to 3 June. The highest total returns among the 51 stocks in the year thus far were generated by Sheng Siong Group, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings), First REIT

China Merchants Holdings (Pacific) and Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust. These five stocks averaged a 20.8% total return in the year to date, whereas the five least performing stocks of the group averaged a 9.6% decline.

Hutchison Port Holdings Trust, Asian Pay Television Trust, Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust, OUE Hospitality Trust and CDL Hospitality Trusts currently maintain the highest indicative yields. According to another market update from June 2014, Asian Pay Television Trust, Hutchison Port Holdings Trust and OUE Hospitality Trust also maintained the highest indicative yields this time last year (click here to view).

The table below details the 51 stocks, sorted according to market capitalisation.
Source: SGX (Data as of 3 June 2015)
*yield based on latest distribution and annualised according to payment frequency

Source: My Gateway

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Singapore Stock Broker Andy Yew 938Live Commentary 3 June 2015

Seminar Topics:

China and Hong Kong markets at new high, what is the directions now?

Will Singapore market follow China and Hong Kong markets?

What should be the strategies for current markets ?

What sector to look at and which sector to avoid ?

Market outlook and individual Singapore stocks analysis using Technical Analysis

Date:  4 Jun 2015 (Thursday),  (English) 7pm - 10pm

Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #34-07 Singapore 079903 (we have moved to new location)
( Nearest MRT Tanjong Pagar )

Fee: Free

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Strong Up Trend stock

Did a Screen on Singapore market after yesterday STI drop 51point, these list of stocks are the survivors which deny the fall. Many people is asking, WHY STI DROP SO MUCH? Usually drop more that 1% a day is more of panic selling, most people sell on fear, fear that bad news will cause the market to fall. E.g Interest rate hike. For us, we understand that we cannot predict news and news is not always accurate, and the main reason price drop is people are selling, and STI fall so much, must be institutional selling on bluechip

Strong uptrend stocks are stocks that did not fall, meaning institution are not selling these stock(yet). Why not? They are hopeful that the stock will move higher?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Strong Sector Stock- Raffles Medical, IHH, First Reit

Our Strategy is always Hold the strong stock that is rising, let go the weak stocks that is dropping, such SIMPLE strategy has kept us safe despite market weakness. Follow the trend till the trend change.
 First Reit - Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust - REITS, has been uptrending, Currently still strong despite market correction.
 IHH - listed in 2012, has been running on an uptrend since then. HH Healthcare Berhad provides healthcare services primarily in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. It provides primary care services, including treatment of basic illnesses, routine check-ups, vaccination, and dental services. The company also offers secondary and tertiary care services in addition to providing a range of ancillary services. The company was formerly known as Integrated Healthcare Holdings Berhad and changed its name to IHH Healthcare Berhad in April 2012. IHH Healthcare Berhad is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Raffles Medical Group recently breakout of the multi month high, and now rally like nobody business despite market weakness.

Read more on the 2 link below to know more about the Healthcare Sector, what are the stocks in the sector?

5 biggest Health Care Equipment & Services average 8% YTD Gain

Singapore’s expanding healthcare sector !

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We will share with you Global Stock market Outlook and more Strong stocks..