Friday, July 27, 2012

I get worried after looking at Yoma Stock Chart

Though I am not the shareholder of Yoma but i still feel quite worried about this stock, because we know that this stock has gone crazy few months back. I believe that a lot of retail investors has gone in to invest in this stocks. From my experience, it is always good to limit your losses for any trade in the market, no matter how good the story is.

Now the golden question is, is the trend going up or down? Our ART Position trade system give us a warning sign for mid term(signal to short it actually). It will trigger Short if the next candle goes below the previous day low. This stock can move 20% easily in a short run, so if u are shorting pls make sure your stoploss is also at a good distance E.g 0.40 and 0.43
We see today's intra day chart Yoma stock price has break the previous day low of $0.37. and the trendline also has been violated. Lets keep watching on this "popular stock"

Sheng Siong Boss Join the Singapore 40 Richest

Yesterday Forbes Asia published the Singapore top 40 richest man, one of the new richest man in Singapore is Mr Lim Hock Chee, the boss of Sheng Siong. This sparks my interest their Stock which leads me to look at the chart of Sheng Siong. Lets see how they are doing...

ShengSiong now is trading at 0.47, price is above the 20,40,100,200MA. This is telling us, the mid term(past 2 month) is quite good and by looking at the chart the price is also now at the 20ma support and the trendline support. Many people say buy at support sell at resistance, the support right now is at 0.46 and the resistance is at 0.52. If you are looking at this stock, pls consider enter Only when it breaks previous day high.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Singapore Stock Chart: IndoAgri

Indoagri has been down for 6 days, and currently price is near the 40ma support, short term is oversold. Short term traders might be interested to trade this stock as the risk and reward is quite ok.  E.g Entry at 1.385, Stoploss is 1.345. Short term profit target is 1.50. RRR almost 1:3. Timeframe 3-10days.

Where is the Chart of STI heading?

Many people might be thinking where is the Chart of STI heading, lets do the chart analysis together and see if we can find out anything interesting.
Mid Term wise
Trend can be identify by the parallel channel drawn in the chart, STI is traveling upward in between the 2 black line sloping up. Mid term resistance

Short Term wise
Did anyone realize that STI had been forming a new high every 3 or 4 days since 4/6/2012 when it is at its lowest point, however right now the "new high" trend has been broken (from the recent top 3039.77 till today, it has not forming any new high for the past 4days and today it also form a lower low than previous day. Simply saying, it is "possible" that we are at a short term reversal, short term support at 2970.

Some people might also realise that right now STI also did not form a newer low for the past 3 days, if STI breaks above previous day high (above 3000), it might also signify that market is turning bullish again hence what happen in the next few day will be the direction the market want to us to follow. Lets continue watching

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stocks to Short or Hedge your portfolio

Some may ask what is hedging? Hedging is the process of protecting oneself against risk, basically if your portfolio is all going Long, you might want to take some Short position(Sell first, buy back later or Sell the share without owning it, it can be done easily using CFD). Normally, we hedge when we are not sure about the direction of the market.

 Swiber closed 0.565 today. After going for Sideway trend for sometime we see it turning down further. As compare to most stock in the market, Swiber's trend tend to be weak then most chart as it has been dropping slowly for more than 2 weeks. Good entry for Short will be 0.555 where it breaks below the previous day low. This is a mid term trade, meaning probably need to hold for 1month after entry, hence stoploss is place around 0.61(ard 10%away)
Ezra closed 0.98 today, after the sharp turnaround on 13 July, Ezra seems like not turning back. At this point of time, it is quite clear that it is moving down faster than it is moving up. Mid term wise this might be the beginning of a downtrend. IF market is going to be down, this might be one of the stock u will consider to Short. Entry will be 0.975, Stoploss ard 1.06, mid term trade. Timeframe ard 1month.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Singapore Stock - Yanlord

Have you been following our call? Yanlord appear to be good since my 15 June post, up more than 10% already. Right now it is giving us another signal, showing us some momentum is coming. For entry we are looking above previous day high $1.325, Stoploss 1.265. Timeframe 2weeks - 2month. Short term target $1.49.

Andy Yew

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sakari - Giving us a warning sign!

Sakari closed 1.31 today, the trend seems like they give up pushing this stock. Our system gave us a Sell signal, Timeframe we looking at is Mid Term. As market is getting volatile this week, this might also be a good choice to Hedge(shorting) your position or to just stay out of this stock. The trigger point of this signal is only when price fall below 1.295.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Singapore Stock - IndoAgri

IndoAgri closed 1.47 on monday, the high of the day is 1.48. Following the chart, Indoagri seems to rest enough and today might be a turning point. A good entry will be $1.485, Stoploss around 1.42. Timeframe around 2weeks-2month

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Asian Stock Guru Hu Li Yang: 3 years of Prosperity ahead!

Article by Daniel Loh:
I think that all Europe related problems will gradually be solved. If I am right on my analysis, Europe economy will start to recover in the second half of the year for 3 consecutive years.This means the world economy will also enjoy three years of prosperity.

4 Reasons why I said so:

1)  Money is sufficient
The world is still enjoying the low interest rate which has never happened before. The probability for it to suddenly reverse in the next 2-3years is low. 

2)  Investing instruments that competes with stock market for funds have gradually diminished
Oil, gold or other commodities have ventured into a long tern Bear Market. The spectacularly growing property price has stabilised. Hence, money will flow back into stocks.

3)  Economy is growing slowly but gradually
Rather than an explosive forward burst in the economy, a slow growing economy will enable the stock market to go a long distance.

4)  Most of the global stock market is in a low region
Investors are still immersed in the realm of the European crisis. Pessimism is high and investors willingness to participate is low. We have almost reached the low point of the Financial crisis in 2008 and stock market has reached a low rebounding territory.

Reflecting on history, these 4 factors that can propel the stock market are seldom seen happening together. Now it has appeared right before our eyes.

Article from 

Shares Investment will hold a conference staging Mr Hu Li Yang and Prof Chan Yan Chong, both are Gurus in the stock market. 

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Singapore stock - SIA engg

SIA Engg, closed 4.13 on Tuesday. This stock is staying strong after breaking out of the long term downtrend resistance which started since Dec 2010, will the next trend be same as the uptrend happened in early 2012? Lets trade and see, stoploss can be placed at $3.98

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Singapore Stocks Near Resistance

STI drop -49.47points today ending at 2929 today, some friends actually called me to ask about market outlook. The few big question now are basically1) Is it downtrend already? 2) Is there anything to short?

1) Is it downtrend already? For this question I will say not yet, trend cannot be judge by one day, today is just the first day of reversal, hence we need more time to find out whether the trend has changed. Dont worry about no stock to short, if market were to go lower we will have more opportunity.

2) Is there anything to short? Yes, i think now probably we should look for some stock which is at their resistance and turning down. We would like to catch the pivot where it just started to turn down.

Olam closed $1.835 today after hitting the resistance, if market were to go down, now would be a good time to short it as it is near the support.Stoploss can be placed at $1.95. Mid term trade. Initial target $1.50 Enter only if it break below previous day low.
STXOSV closed $1.53 today, similar chart as olam just that Stxosv is above 200ma and Olam is way below the 200ma. Stoploss can be placed at $1.59. Mid term trade. Initial target $1.30 Enter only if it break below previous day low.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Singapore Stock - Sakari , ChinaMinZhong

 ChinaMinZhong, closed at 0.615 today, finally the system tell us that this stock is ending the downtrend with the blue bar and blue arrow. This also can consider as a buy signal. However the market has gone up so much and this stock just about to rise. This tell us this stock is lag behind the market. A good entry will be 0.635, Stoploss will be 0.56.(12% away). Worth betting if u are targeting for 0.85 and above.
Sakari closed $1.46, finally this laggard start to turn up. If you have sold this previously due to the market downturn, now is probably a good time to buy back your share. For Resource stock, this stock is so far "underperform" as compared to other commodities related stock. Will it catch up with the rest(Indoagri, Goldenagr, Firstres?)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Singapore Stock Breakout - NOL

Remember we talk about bargain hunting for NOL in May when it is only at 1.03(near its lowest point since 2003), if you have followed, you would probably be sitting with 10% gain right now! The article was posted in and

What about now? We see that NOL has just broke thru the top of the Box yesterday, and now the resistance(box top) will act as a support level. If you are looking at this stock, a good entry will be $1.15 where it break previous day high. Stoploss will be $1.10, where the stock break the support and goes back into the box. Mid-long term trade.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Swiber - Accumulation?

Posted this chart today in our facebook group  SGX KLSE & HKSE Stock Discussion highlighted that we suspect that there is some accumulation at $0.58. Do join us on facebook for more updates and discussion!

Singapore Stock Outlook - Ezion Holding, GLP

After Dow Jones jumped  2.2% on Friday, alot of friends is actually calling me to ask whether it is good time to get into Singapore stocks. The golden question after that is always which Singapore stock can we buy? As we have mention on previous few post, property sector in strength and Market More Bullish. Now, the question should be whether this upturn will last or not? Well, we remain to stick to our profitable rule: "The trend remain the same until it ends"

 Ezion Holding, currently traded at $0.92. Previously if you followed the previous post you should entered at $0.86 and right now sitting with some good profits ya! Congrats! If you missed the first signal, now we have another one coming out for Mid term trade, a good entry will be 0.935 stoploss can place at 0.88 or 0.86. Target 1.03 and 1.20.
GLP, current trading at 2.09. Looking at the chart now it is near it's support and turning up. Good entry is 1 bid above previous day high 2.10. Stoploss should be around 2.00 if it breaks the supporting trend line. Target will be 2.20 follow by 2.40.