Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Singapore Stock - Sakari , ChinaMinZhong

 ChinaMinZhong, closed at 0.615 today, finally the system tell us that this stock is ending the downtrend with the blue bar and blue arrow. This also can consider as a buy signal. However the market has gone up so much and this stock just about to rise. This tell us this stock is lag behind the market. A good entry will be 0.635, Stoploss will be 0.56.(12% away). Worth betting if u are targeting for 0.85 and above.
Sakari closed $1.46, finally this laggard start to turn up. If you have sold this previously due to the market downturn, now is probably a good time to buy back your share. For Resource stock, this stock is so far "underperform" as compared to other commodities related stock. Will it catch up with the rest(Indoagri, Goldenagr, Firstres?)