Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Singapore Market Updates 30 March 2016

STI up strongly today by 1.91% close 54 point higher at 2873, this is following the positive us market. The bullish sentiment in singapore is cause by mainly 2 reason, Firstly, the Yellen Speech last night indicate that Fed will have a slow approach on Rate hike policy,Secondly Regional market is mostly up today with HangSeng up 2.15% and Shanghai composite index up 2.77%.

Federal Reserve keep interest rate unchanged, market react positive?
Market already expect rate remain unchanged in march, before fed meeting, most market already moved hence the decision of Fed meeting does not have much impact on the market, however the news that Fed's rate 2 rate hike this year(instead of 4 hike) was really a pleasant surprise to investors. As bluechip stock is now on the high side, the good news did not push the market into a new high, I think market is pretty cautious right now as dow jones is near its 18000 resistance

One of the sector I am looking at is the commodities, we have seen that the gold has been one of the biggest winner in since beginning of 2016, for the past 5 week, it have been falling and yesterday after yellen's speach the price start to move higher. Hence i think the gold etf is one of the  asset to diversify your portfolio. More over, on the Gold chart,  it shows a golden cross. Seems like it is a sign that gold could be going on a bull run... again.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Opening Securities Account and Trading Account

Before you want get started investing in the Singapore stock market, you need to have a CDP (Central Depository Pte Ltd) Securities account and a Trading account.

The CDP account is where you keep your shares which you bought in Singapore local market, and it will record all the transaction that you Buy, Sell and other corporate actions.

The Trading account is where you Login to do the transaction, plot a chart, get the information on the individual stocks and also facilities to trade other investment vehicle. like Unit Trust, Bonds, ETF, CFD and more..

So how can you open a Poems Trading account and a CDP Securities account with my team?
Recently we have open a new office at Jurong East - Phillip Investor Centre lite. You can drop by our office to open all the account you need in one trip.

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Operation Hours
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Services not available
- Reset of POEMS/ FAME password
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Below are the few trading account you can open, you can drop my team a message to find out more on our facebook fanpage.

  • Phillip Cash management account - CDP linked, EPS - Electronic Share payment from bank ATM or Internet banking, can buy Stock, Unit Trust, Bonds, CFD, Multi-Currency Facilities for oversea stock. Contra - able
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Singapore & Global Market Updates 21 March 2016

US market Near resistance
DJI  -18000-18300, S&P500 2080, Nasdaq 5080-5250
Since 2015, we have not seen Dow jone index break above 18300, this has become a very strong resistance, where trader fear. So most will sell when  DJI is near this level to play safe.

This Friday is holiday for most market, we shall see lower trading volume towards the weekend.

SSE bullish turn around, above 2640 Support level, Hangseng above 18300 Support level, as long as it can stay above the support level, it is good.

Singapore market as mentioned 2 weeks ago, blue chip stock going to take profit as market is currently in an overbought position. In my previous post, I mention that the market has reach a oversold position and hitting a strong support at 2550

Previous post ==>STI Market Updates - Whats next after Big selldown (Febuary 10 2016)

Singapore market usually wont go up in a straight line, we will see profit taking, and some sell down to test the support and confidence level of investor. If support and confidence level is strong, then we are ready to make a higher high for STI

US market get a booster last week after Fed meeting, Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen announced new projections that indicate the number of interest rate hikes would be cut from four to two this year

You should watch China Market now - SSE break resistance last friday, now is at 3 month high - above 2950 is bullish.
A slower pace of US interest rate hikes is an advantage for the sluggish Chinese economy as it slow down the RMB depreciation.

Weaker USD will encourage investor to put money in commodities and properties sector.
one of the Key factor for the recovery of China economy is is Real estate sector, as it accounts for more than 15 percent of the gross domestic product(GDP) which also affects 40 other sectors.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

3 UpTrending Below $1.00 Singapore Stock for 2016

These are some of the best performer over the past few years, you should not miss this 3 uptrend stock in Singapore. They could be the next potential runner this year as well!

For this article the uptrend is base on the trendline drawn on the chart below. This time we use Weekly chart, this means it is a long term view of the chart, not for your short term speculation. 
 Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd is a property development and construction company. The Company's core business is primarily in the areas of property developments, property investments, construction and hospitality. It also has a presence in Australia and Malaysia. Its operating segments include the construction on segment, which is in the business of general building contractors; the property developments segment, which is in the business of developing properties and management of development projects; the property investments segment, which is in the business of leasing out of investment properties and the management of properties; the hospitality segment, which is in the business of hotel operations, and the corporate and others segment, which includes corporate services, treasury functions and investments in marketable securities. 
 Thai Beverage Public Company Limited is a Thailand-based company engaged in the production and distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and the operation of Japanese restaurants. The Company operates in four business segments, which include spirits, beer, non-alcoholic beverages and food. Spirits segment is engaged in the production and sales of branded spirits products. The Beer segment is engaged in the production and sales of branded beer products. The Non-alcoholic beverages segment is engaged in the production and sales of branded water, soda, ready-to-drink coffee, energy drink, green tea and fruit flavored drinks. The Food segment is engaged in the Japanese restaurants and distribution of foods and beverages. 

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UMS Holdings Limited provides equipment manufacturing and engineering services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of semiconductors and related products. The Company operates in two business segments, which include semiconductor and contract equipment manufacturing (CEM). The semiconductor segment provides precision machining components and equipment modules for semiconductor equipment manufacturers. The CEM segment is a supplier of base components to oil and gas original equipment manufacturers. Its products range includes modular and integration systems for original semiconductor equipment manufacturing. It has production facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, as well as California and Texas, Unites States of America. It operates in two geographical areas: Singapore and the United States of America. It also has operations in other geographical areas, such as People's Republic of China, Poland, Taiwan and South Korea. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

CPF Approved Stocks or CPFIS Stocks (latest announcement)

Following SGX’s quarterly review of SGX watch-list, with effect from 3 Mar 2016, CPF savings will not be allowed for the following 34 counters on SGX watch-list:

CPF members who have invested in the company’s shares prior to the placement under SGX watch-list can choose to hold or sell them or participate in corporate actions, subject to the prevailing CPFIS rules and limits for these shares.

For the list of shares that CPF savings can be used in SGX’s website, please click here. (Note: CPFIS shares are indicated by a "Y" under the CPFIS column.)

Name of Companies
Asti Holdings Limited
Attilan Group Limited
Casa Holdings Limited
Chasen Holdings Limited
China Dairy Group Ltd
China Gaoxian Fibre Fabric Holdings Ltd
China Great Land Holdings Ltd.
China Haida Ltd.
China Jishan Holdings Limited
Chiwayland International Limited
CSC Holdings Limited
Debao Property Development Ltd
Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd
F J Benjamin Holdings Ltd
Fu Yu Corporation Limited
Hiap Seng Engineering Limited
Hoe Leong Corporation Ltd.
Interra Resources Limited
Jackspeed Corporation Limited
KTL Global Limited
Leader Environmental Tech Limited
Lorenzo International Limited
Luzhou Bio-Chem Technology Limited
MMP Resources Limited
Mun Siong Engineering Limited
Nico Steel Holdings Limited
Pavillon Holdings Ltd.
Rowsley Ltd.
Serial System Limited
Seroja Investments Limited
Sinostar Pec Holdings Limited
VGO Corporation Limited
Vicplas International Limited
Ziwo Holdings Ltd.

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Market View: Will Federal Reserve increase Interest Rate in March?

STI was up 45 points closing at 2727 following the strong closing in US market,  Dow jones index closed 2.11% higher, with oil price hitting 2 month high above $34 as oil producing countries agreed to freeze the oil production.

The regionwide rally in asia was also led by Shanghai index with a 4.26 per cent gain, after the central bank said it has further cut its reserve requirement ratio to Stimulate the slowing down economy. 

This Friday we are watching the non farm payroll, as the non farm pay roll is reflecting the unemployment rate and the status of the US economy. If the Non farm payroll shows a good result, the Federal Reserve may go ahead with the increase in interest rate this month. 

As fed had mentioned that they will increase interest rate 4 times this year, March is likely to be one of them. 

Stock market has crashed after the December rate hike. 

Many investor is betting that Fed will not increase the interest rate in March base on the Job data, as the Market is already Suffering. (Logically.)

 If there is no rate hike, one of the sector that will benefit will be the Reits sector, due to the uncertainty in the stock market investor will go back to yield play if the interest rate hike's fear subside. SuntecReit and FraserCentrepoint Trust, both of them pay more than 5% dividend and their price has recently crossed the long term 200days moving average, this is a indication for me be bullish on the mid to long term trend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When should you cover your short position?

Are you still in short position? we have covered our short position after our ART position trade system show the 1st blue arrow for below stocks. 

We will get out from the short position first and wait to short again when the Sell arrow appears because downtrend of these stock are still intact. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Billionaire Fund - John Paulson's Bet on Healthcare Stock

Can you beat the Billionaire Fund Manager John Paulson in performance?

Best known for pulling off one of the greatest trades in the history of the markets when he shorted subprime mortgages during the 2007 housing bubble, John Paulson has amassed a portfolio of nearly $20 billion. That remarkable trade earned him and his investors more than $15 billion 
- Investopedia

Looking through the stock price with ART Position System, I realised that we can actually do better. What you have to do is to Sell when the price is going downtrending. and Hold when it is going Uptrend. By Staying out on the Downtrend, you not get hit badly like Mr John Paulson on his Valeant Phamaceutical, which is down 70%.

As per his latest 13F filing of Dec 31, Paulson has reduced his stake in Allergan - AGN by about 20$ during the last 3 month of the year but Allergan still remain as his top Position with 10.6% allocation in his public equity portfolio.

It currently holds the No. 4 position at 7.24%. Paulson began accumulating shares of Shire in 2012 and has been gradually adding and decreasing his position since then. In 2014, Paulson increased his position to 9 million shares in anticipation of an acquisition offer by AnnVie, another pharmaceutical company.

Following his most recent purchase in September 2015, which raised his share total to 8.89 million, the company was subpoenaed by Congress seeking details on its patient-assistance programs, drug pricing and distribution practices. At the center of the controversy was Valeant's excess price increases of two of its heart drugs. That was followed by a report accusing Valeant of fraudulent accounting practices. Valeant's share price, which had hit an all-time high of $257 in September 2015, has fallen nearly 70%.

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