Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Market talk email

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below is tonight's email.

STI down 7.6 points at 3242, Our view of the market is still positive as STI remain above the support of 3215, I have attached the result release below this week for your reference.

For Mid-Long term:

Those stocks mentioned previously (M1, Genting, Keppel Corp, Noble, SembCorp, SembMarine, Cosco, Yangzijiang, Hi-P, Osim and Bright World) are still in uptrend, even though some may be consolidating at the moment.

Congrats those who bought Cosco and Sembmar recently can consider to add position to this 2 stock if you have bought. Another stock that we can consider to buy for mid-long term is SGX, this stock has broken out of the trend line. Buy stocks/ Add position only when the price break above previous day high

Kepland, This stock has shown weakness since the government announce the cooling measure for the property market, today it gave a confirmation by dropping the price lower than previous day low. Can consider to Short Kepland for mid-long term using your CFD account.

From the price action today, we see Brightwor has lose its strength by rising to 0.625 and drop back to 0.60 at closing, thus formed a inverted hammer candlestick. However for Hi-P, it is taking a break same time consolidating. If it continue to stay within this range($1.16-$1.19) for next 2-3day, it will be a good sign that it will go higher if it breakout above $1.19.

For short term trades, can consider looking at:

GoodPack: it has been consolidating after the recent breakout, can consider entry if it breaks above previous day high. Stoploss at 2 bid below previous day low.

KepT&T: Announcing its annual report tomorrow (20 Jan 2011) and now this stock is resting at the 40ma support . There is a swing setup for this stock CCI -100 and price within 20ma and 40ma. Can consider to enter if it breaks above previous day high $1.44. Exit at 1.40. Time frame is 3-5day. Think about it, if the result is good, the stock price will go up (hit trigger price), if the result will be bad, it will not even trigger. P.s this stock is a illiquid stock, low in volume.

Trading tips: Your goal, is to capture the most amount of profit in the least amount of time. Time spent in the market equals risk exposure