Monday, December 20, 2010

Midas Short candidate, SembCorp and Brightwor Swing trade

SembCorp close 4.98, there is 142lot Buy up during matching time (look at Time&Sales at 5.05pm). Looks bullish to me when there are people buying up during matching time. This stocks has been making Higher High and Higher Low, a sign of uptrend stock. So we should get in when the stock is oversold and sell when it is overbought. A good entry for tml is 5.03, Target: 5.20, Stoploss 4.92, Timeframe: 3-5days

Midas close 0.93, down trending for the past 3 month. Our system have shown signal to short (卖空). If you are shorting, make sure u are using CFD. If you dun have a cfd account, please contact me. =) A good entry for short is 0.925 Immediate target is 0.91 Stoploss: 0.965 Time frame: Mid-long term

Brightwor close 0.50, this stock have been on strong up trend and now pull back for 5days, if it regain it's bullish trend i reckon the reward will be quite good. Good entry for tomorrow will be 0.52, Target 0.57(take half if it is really strong), Stoploss 0.495 Timeframe 3-5days