Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Congrats on 45% Gain for Ezion!

STI remain Flat for early this week, today STI closed 3016.40, up 7.68. First of all, we would like to congrats all those who have followed our SMS and Email! We have seen many of you followed our call on Ezion Holdings now is trading at $1.24. Just this 2 month we have mentioned about this stock more than 3 times, on 31st July Market Talk, 29th August Market Talk and 4th September Market Talk + SMS. By following our ART system you could have participated in this 29% rally in less than 2 month(if u entered at 0.965), if you have entered 2 Position at 31st July (29%) and 29 August(16%) you could have made 45% Gain!

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