Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to jump the queue (after 5pm)

First REIT triggered today at $0.91 and have been hovering around the 0.905-0.91 the whole day. Seller queuing to sell at 0.91 and buyer waiting to buy at 0.905. At 4+pm, I wanted to buy this stock, there is only 2 choice, either I buy at a higher price 0.91 or I queue up obediently on 0.905.
Since the price is only hovering between the 2 price, I believe it is not possible to break 0.91 in the last min. Decided to grab it during share matching time (5.00-5.05pm). Reason being, the share will either close 0.91 or 0.905 depend on which ever side is more desperate(seller or buyer). So what I do is 1) wait till 5.04pm to key in order, 2)key in at a higher price.

As a result, when poems matches the share, and decided the closing price to be 0.905(more desperate seller). I will hence be the first few to buy as I have key in the higher price. What ever orders came in after 5pm will be executed on this agreed price, those who queue at 0.905 will have to queue behind me.

Do note that:
1) It might close at the higher price, due to supply and demand. (calculate from market dept)
2) Your order might not be done
if you submit too late.
3) preferably to do on 5.04pm(make sure ur
clock is working well)
4) etc.... its a trail and error thing..