Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Noble grp again, Straits Asia, LongCheer

Noble grp. If you have follow my previous post, you should have made some, like I said, I am holding for mid-long term hence wound be selling soon. Good sign for today is that it gap up and crosses the 200ma. Close at the same level as previous peak. Will wait for retracement and load up more next round.

Straits Asia, sideway for few day after my last post. Today up again, this stock is back in action after few day of rest, if you have not bought this stock, tomorrow is a good time to load some, entry 2.36, exit 2.25, target 2.60 timeframe mid- long term. 2week to 6month. If you already holding some, buy 25% lesser than what you own now.

Longcheer, triggered on swing trade setup. Retrace back into 10ma and 20ma zone today went upp again. Today should have got in when it turns up, if not, tomorrow is also a good time to get in for mid-long term trade/swing trade. Entry 0.82, Exit(stoploss) 0.77. target 0.92