Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Singapore Company Results: The earnings seasons for Q3 2018 is here !

Many people is asking when is the Quarterly Results coming out for VENTURE, M1, SIA, UOB, OCBC & etc... 

The earnings seasons for Q3 2018 is here, below are the Singapore stock corporate earnings calendar :

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Monday, October 8, 2018

SouthWest Airline (LUV) is available for Shorting in CFD

CFD Bearish Stock Spotted - SouthWest Airline (LUV) When US market is strong, he go sideway. This stock seems to be cyclical now system show red signal sell signal. Will it have a sharp drop?

example of a trade setup will be Stoploss at 64, Target 54

Gamuda - Downtrend since RM5.00. Recently our trading System show exit signal at RM3.60 again and Smart money is missing since then.

If you stick to uptrend stock, you will be able to avoid this counter
If you cut your losses small, you will be able to avoid "being Stuck"

This is not a buy or sell call, just to remind myself and everyone not to fall in love to downtrending stock no matter how good this company may sound to you.