Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Genting SP, IndoAgri, UOB-KH

Dear readers, this will be my last post of the year!! I will be going to korea for holiday till 3rd Jan 2011, so there will not be any post during this time. Hereby, I wish everyone had a great great year ahead!!!! Happy New Year!!! =)

Genting Sp closed 2.19 with a long white candle. With a series of higher low forming, I guess it is coming into play again. Can consider entry at 2.20 tomorrow, cut loss at 2.08, initial target 2.35. timeframe: 2wk-3month

UOB-KH closed 1.77 with a long white candle, it is a sign of bullishness in this stocks if it closes at the highest point of the day, this means that all sellers had been clear out by the buyers and the buyers hold on the price. Notice that the breakout is accompanied by volume, hopefully this is the beginning of the uptrend. If you have followed my previous post, you can consider to add position tomorrow at 1.78 stoploss 1.72. timeframe 2wk-3month

Indoagri closed 2.83, bouncing off the support line, can consider to enter tomorrow at 2.84, Target will be the channel resistance around 3.07. stoploss at 2.75. Timeframe 2week-2month.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CoscoCorp Swing trade, ChinaFish

Coscocorp 2.09, have a swing trade setup again. Good entry for tomorrow will be 2.10, stoploss:2.02 , Target 2.19 Timeframe: 3-5day

China fish, this stock caught my attention as it is trading near it's resistance. Likely to continue it's uptrend, (price>10ma>20ma>40ma).

Monday, December 20, 2010

Midas Short candidate, SembCorp and Brightwor Swing trade

SembCorp close 4.98, there is 142lot Buy up during matching time (look at Time&Sales at 5.05pm). Looks bullish to me when there are people buying up during matching time. This stocks has been making Higher High and Higher Low, a sign of uptrend stock. So we should get in when the stock is oversold and sell when it is overbought. A good entry for tml is 5.03, Target: 5.20, Stoploss 4.92, Timeframe: 3-5days

Midas close 0.93, down trending for the past 3 month. Our system have shown signal to short (卖空). If you are shorting, make sure u are using CFD. If you dun have a cfd account, please contact me. =) A good entry for short is 0.925 Immediate target is 0.91 Stoploss: 0.965 Time frame: Mid-long term

Brightwor close 0.50, this stock have been on strong up trend and now pull back for 5days, if it regain it's bullish trend i reckon the reward will be quite good. Good entry for tomorrow will be 0.52, Target 0.57(take half if it is really strong), Stoploss 0.495 Timeframe 3-5days

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Uob-KH Cup and Handle Pattern

Uob-KH closed 1.73 today, this stock is forming a cup and handle pattern. 1) cup is formed 6month old, 2)handle is 1/3 depth of cup. 3) the shape looks like a cup and handle.

It need to break above the resistance 1.81 with volume to consider complete. If break above resistance the profit target will be roughly same as distance between bottom of the cup to right peak of the cup( in short, target ard $2.20). Tomorrow can consider early entry.

Setup for tomorrow: Entry: 1.75, Stoploss 1.62, Timeframe: mid-long term(2week-3month). This stock has very low volume,you might not be able to get big lot size. The trick to buy slowly, and buy in odd numbers 3,5,11,13. Do the abnormal way and you will not alert the Big Boys.

This pattern is not develop by me, i also read from other websites and book. For more info, please do a google search on "cup and handle". Tomorrow going to phuket for holiday, this will be my last post for this week. Cheers~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Guocoleisure today closed 0.73, uptrend stock, break above resistance(previous few peak), can consider entry if tomorrow it go higher than today's high. Entry: 0.745, Stoploss 0.70 timeframe: Long term.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

ASL Marine, KepT&T - long term trade(1-3month)

Asl Marine, Seems like breaking up the resistance, can consider entry if price break above previous day high. Will have higher chance of going high if price is supported by higher volume. 1-3month's trade.

KepT&T weekly chart showing that the price is now at the support level, I have posted this on 2dec, I think the big volume last month is telling us that this stocks has woke up from his sleep. However this is a volatile stock, trade with care. Stop loss can be put below the support.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jaya holding, Kep Corp, Noble group

Jaya 0.73, up 2% today awaken from sleep and continue up to climb higher. Can consider entry if tomorrow break above previous day high. Resistance at 0.90. 38.2% fibonacci level.

Kep Corp, has been in accumulation mode for pass 2weeks, resistance around 11.02. Like a spring, it compressed, and when it release we shall see some strong forces up(or down).

Noble also an interesting stock to take a look, resistance at if break above 2.24 we will see more upside! Cup and handle pattern.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gallant and Genting

Gallant today up 9.38%, interesting. seems like it have risen alot but if we zoom out of the chart, it is just a small move compare to previous downtrend. Looking at weekly chart price above 10ma, we can have an early accumulation now(or when it pull back abit). Meaning use 30% fund tikam tikam first, first price target is 0.4(fibo 23.2%), if goes above 0.4.. add on. hrmm~ next resistance is 0.6!

Genting! Those local favourite, has resume uptrend after selling down to 23% level reluctantly. This also means that investors are holding strong to this stocks. Resistance will be seen at 2.32, wonder how high it will go if break this resistance. -.-?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good up trend stocks

These are uptrend stocks, good for 2week-3month trade, we should only buy when stocks are uptrend. Buy when it breaks prior day high.

KepCorp, Kepland

Noble Group, IndoAgri, GoldenAgri, KencanaAgri, Firstres, Olam(trend change)

Cosco,NOL, SembMar, Yangzijiang(trend change)

Hyflux(coming soon, akan datang)

Osim(I stopped buying for this stocks, it is now supported by 10ma, hold if you have, sell half if you are in doubt)

Monday, December 6, 2010

CSE Global

CSE global, an uptrend stocks that have appear in my scan. Ideal entry will be 1.18,Exit at 1.09, timeframe mid-long term. As this stocks is a low volume stocks, try not to buy more than 20lot size, if not u might find difficulty selling later on.

STI reaching resistance level 3220, if break this level the next level will be the previous high 3300. Current support level remains at 3150

Sunday, December 5, 2010

M1 Dividend stock

M1 closed $2.32 breakout above a short term resistance trendline, this is a defensive stocks that gives high dividend yield 5.81%(bloomberg), suitable for investor who are looking for dividend income. However it is near it's all time high at $2.36, if it can stay above this level we shall see more upside on this stock.

Stamford Tyre: announcing result ard 9 dec

STI outlook,(long-term: uptrend, Mid-term: downtrend, Short-term: Rebound), we can start to pick up some good stocks this week, gearing remain low. Good stocks are those stocks that never drop much during previous downturn. E.g KepCorp, Kepland, Coscocorp, (most palmoil stock except Wilmar), NOL, Sembmar, StamfordLd

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bullish Stocks

This are the few stock that had remain strong throughout the past few weeks downturn. Can take alook at these stocks if tomorrow they continue to move higher (break prior day high). If you already holding these stocks, can consider to add position to it, but add a smaller size than your previous position.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coscocorp, Supergroup,Capitacomm

Cosco Corp, after running down to 40ma. Today gap down during opening and close highest (break above previous day high during closing time). This signify that investors are very bullish about this stock. Entry 2.07, target 2.2, Exit 1.96 timeframe 3-5days

Supergroup, uptrend stock, seems to recover its strength after market running flat for past few week. Stoploss is suggested at $1.23 mid-long term trade.

Capitacomm, another uptrend stock. Can consider for long term trade.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Osim, Market outlook 2

Hisaka had a ascending triangle breakout, if you can see the time and sales, the breakout actually happened near closing, hence signify that traders are bullish about the next day's opening. A ascending triangle breakout is a continuous pattern, meaning the uptrend will continue. This is a 40cents stocks,high volatility, if you are investing, please do your money management. know how much you will lose if hit your stop loss. Suggested stoploss will be 0.39. Entry 4.15, mid-long term trade.

Osim, one of my favourite, it is now 1.46 already, i did a search for my first post on this stocks in september, and that time was only 1.05. If you have followed and traded using cfd(leverage), you should have made more than 50% of you capital.
Tml can enter again, the 6times to add position, due to the current market outlook, i suggest we add minimum position into this stock. Next resistance 1.67

Market outlook: Again be patience, market is now behaving like the correction in august, need more time to recover. Once it is back, we will have plenty of opportunity to buy again.

So how to have many good stocks like Osim? Example: Alot of times, people start investing by buying 3-5 stocks(lets say 5 la), after sometimes, market corrects and we will see 4 out of 5 stocks lose money. So what will a normal person do? A normal person will sell the 1 stocks that has made money(put profit money in pocket is safer ma), and keep the 4 stocks that is having small losses.(they call it holding power, so no worries). After sometimes, opportunity comes and they don't have money to buy again because they are still holding on to the losers. Ironically,the right way to do is the opposite, what a good trader do is to sell off the loser first, and keep the winner, and add position to the stocks that has always been making money. If you keep doing this way, eventually you will have a portfolio of all the good stocks, which u can call them your good employees.

With regards to my previous post which i have posted a long list of stocks that have underperformed. Those are the bad employees that will make you lose money, if your stocks is not inside the list means they didnt drop much during market plunge, keep them, they are the good ones.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

STI outlook, Stocks to let go...

STI dipped 65 this afternoon, broken the support 3150 with high volume which I mentioned previously. The list on the left is stocks which are entering the bearish zone, hence if you are holding these stocks, you might want to consider to sell it away first. Take a step back, re enter the market when the direction is clearer. If market is going downtrend, are you ready to Short the market?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Straits Time Index Chart

Straits Time Index today close at 3197 down 6.4pts. So where are we now? According to the chart, we are still on uptrend, so its not time to short yet. We are at the bottom of the parallel channel and also the above 40ma(Support). I think this week will be an important week that we should monitor, if STI really break support, we should exit all the long position and get ready to short. Immediate support at 3180, next support at 3150.

Today market is trading at extremely low volume, not much movement, and trading in small range. Hence not a good time for entry, market seems to lose momentum, even the big boys wouldn't dare to enter. We should be patience and wait for bigger price action accompanied with big volume to determine the direction before we get in. Why is this so? It is because if you are to be wrong, you won't be the only one.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

STI outlook, Marine and Oil&gas Sector

STI close at 3215, after diving for 3 consective day, i think the the bull is about time to strike back. Today we see some strength of rebounding in Marine and Oil&gas sector, I suggest that if market rebound tomorrow, we should pick the strongest stocks in this 2 sector.

NOL, today up 4cents, closed $2.18. We have a swing setup, Entry at $2.19 Target $2.32 exit:2.12, Timeframe: 3-5days. Good risk/reward ratio. Will buy for long term if breaks 2.40

My previous post CoscoCorp still valid, Sembmar is also strong, but setup already triggered.

ChinaAoil, uptrend stocks with swing setup, Entry:1.61, Target 1.71, Exit: 1.57, 3-5days trade.

Goldenagri also good have setup, Entry 0.725, target 0.78, Exit: 0.695, Timeframe 3-5days

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

7 Things Every Novice Traders And Investors Should Know

Anytime that you make a trade in the stock market, you need to know what you’re up against. Knowing the following seven points will not only help you in your trades, it will put you in the right frame of mind in order to be successful trader for the long term, which is what we all desire, and what really counts.
1. Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad – If you’ve got a losing stock, don’t make excuses or say things like “now it’s really become a bargain” or “it can only go up from here.” Those are famous last words. If you own an underperforming stock, sell it – today! Don’t wait, and certainly do not add to your shares of that stock. That is a recipe for full-blown disaster. There’s a reason that the stock you own is underperforming. That reason may not be obvious to you now, but eventually the reasons will come out. Your money can be put to much better use buying a stock that is in an uptrend and can make you money right now.
2. Don’t Buy Low and Sell High – We’ve heard this phrase all of our lives: “buy low and sell high.” You can’t go wrong with that advice, right? Actually, that’s wrong, because buying low implies buying a stock that has been on a losing streak, or one that is underperforming. Those are usually the worst kind of stocks to buy. The best stocks to buy are those that have firmly established a definite uptrend. So a more appropriate phrase might be, “buy high and sell higher.” Another piece of advice that goes along with this is as follows: don’t try to pick the bottom. Let someone else try to figure out what the bottom is. It could be that the stock has a few more weeks to go before it completely bottoms out. No use wasting your money guessing on where that point might be.
3. Don’t Swing for the Fences – Everyone wants to hit a home run once in a while, but making that your primary trading aim means you are risking your capital and your sanity. The only way to have long-term success in your trading career is by taking many small gains instead of a few big gains. Home runs are few and far between. They are a nice bonus when they happen, but don’t expect them every time. If a stock has made you some gains, take them. Don’t get greedy or expect a doubling or tripling in price, because you could end up losing what you have already gained, and sometimes a lot more. Take your profits, and move on to the next stock.
4. Know the Best Times of the Day to Trade – The best times of the trading day are the opening and the closing. More specifically, these times are the first hour and a half (9:30 to 11:00 am) and the last hour and a half (3:30 to 5:00 pm) that the stock market is open. That is when there is the most price movement and the highest volume. This is also why the opening and closing price quotes are used in mapping out stock charts. The volume around midday generally dies down quite a bit for one major reason: too many traders, especially the big institutional players (the ones who can noticeably move the market) are out to lunch. Some may take earlier lunches, and some may take later lunches, but there are always big players who have gone to lunch during this time. The people who they have left in charge are usually younger associates with less experience who don’t have much say in decision-making. So it’s best to avoid both buying and selling during this period of the day, as any price movements could be false signals or fake-outs.
5. Do Not queue to Buy or Sell Before the Market Open – Buying or selling a stock before the open (8:30-8:59 am), in what is known as a pre-market trade, is usually not recommended. During the pre-market period, there is a considerable lack of volume. As a result, a few small traders can quickly bid up the price of a stock to a fever pitch. If you try to buy this stock during this time, it will usually come back down after the market opens. Conversely, if you try to sell a stock pre-market, often times you would have sold for a better price if you have waited a minute or two (or five) after the opening bell. Because of the lack of volume, along with a real dearth of institutional investors, it’s best to avoid pre-market trades altogether.
6. Sometimes No Trade is the Best Trade – When markets are falling and volatility is running rampant, staying “on the sidelines” in an all-cash position is often the best policy. Now it’s true that opportunities do arise when market volatility starts going crazy, but this is not the time to be a hero. Wait out the storm. When there is blood in the streets, stay out of the way of the stampeding masses. Once the market sorts itself out, and volatility dies down, it becomes safe to get back in the market. That is also why you should never feel bad about getting your stops hit (getting “stopped out” of a trade). Those stops, which often indicate small losses, save you from much bigger losses later on, bigger losses which can stop you from trading altogether. In fact, what may appear as a small loss at first, may actually be a “gain” in your favor; for example, if you sell a stock for a $0.50 loss, but the stock then continues to lose another $2, you should not consider that trade as a loss.
7. Trading online yourself or calling your stockbroker to execute trades? – If you are not getting the results you hoped for in your trading, should you get professional assistance? Being human beings, we are all susceptible to the ebb and flow of our emotional states. One of the hardest things to do is to disengage your emotions when trading, whether those emotions involve fear (when your stocks are falling) or greed (when your stocks are rising), or just the everyday emotions that stem from your personal life. If you can find a trusted and reliable good stockbroker, you are then able to bypass a lot of your own emotional baggage, and follow the lead of someone who is experienced in the discipline of trading. Find someone who has a good track record, and is willing to back up their claims of success.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Swing trade on Boustead, Cosoccorp, KencanaAgri, OrchardP, SembCorp, STI ETF

Boustead, Uptrending stock, today is 4th day of retracement. CCI in oversold position. Can consider entry if tml breaks above $1.14, Stop loss at $1.12 take profit 1.2o. Timeframe 3-5days.

CoscoCorp, Same as above, Entry 2.12, StopLoss 2.05, take profit 2.20 timeframe 3-5days

Other stocks with similar setup are KencanaAgri, OrchardP, SembCorp, STI ETF

Sunday, November 14, 2010

STI outlook, Oue Ltd, Biosensor

STI plunge 41.39pts to 3252 on friday, 3220 will be the next support level. Another 30 points more to go, so its time to get ready to enter market again when market reverse. Hopefully we can see some light by tuesday. Long term wise, we are still on an uptrend.

OUE Ltd, had a swing trade setup, can consider to do swing trade on this stocks, Entry: 3.43, Target: 3.5, Exit: 3.34, timeframe: 3-5days

Biosensor also same as above. Entry:1.18 Target:1.26, Exit:1.13, Timeframe:3-5days

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Market overdue for correction, Starhub, RafflesMG, Kep Corp

Market is overdue for correction (a slight one maybe), STI up 7days in a row. I have already liquidate 50% of my holding, waiting to buy after pull back. Please be cautious.

The list of stocks u can consider to buy tml, only buy if it breaks prior day high. If tml it never break, wait for another day, if never break prior day high for 6day then forget about it. (good stocks normally won't drop more than 5days) All is for mid-long term trade(2week-2month)

Starhub, one of my favorite defensive stock, can consider to add position it breaks prior day high. check out all my previous post on starhub

Genting hk, after sideway movement for sometime, finally wake up today, can consider to enter if it break prior day high.

Kep Corp, consistently making higher and higher high.
RafflesMG, back in play again, if you follow my previous post on sell, now is time to buy back.
CWT, near supporting trendline, just bounce off 200ma, look safe.

Monday, November 8, 2010

StraitsAsia, Hyflux, First Reit, Sembmar ,Osim

Can consider to buy the stocks on the left if it break prior day high. If you are holding any of it, can consider to add position

Hyflux gap up above down trendline, changing trend. Good sign

First Reit: as what i posted, this stock gives good dividend and capital gain

StraitsAsia, gap up today follow by a big white candle. A breakout of this symmetrical triangle signify bullishness in this stocks. Consider to buy for mid-long term if it break prior day high.

Sembmar gap up today above the resistance, can consider to buy it tml break prior day high. Alot ppl may think this stock is expensive, think again, look at what happen to kepland which i previously posted.

Osim today up again, can consider to top up if it break prior day high. previous post on osim

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Noble grp, Kepland,CSE global

Noble grp close 2.03 on friday. My previous post on noble called for sell due to the stock running out of the trend, now that it had resume its uptrend movement, can consider to buy if it break prior day high( 2.05 on monday). Mid long term trade, stop loss at $1.98.

Kepland closed 4.79 at the highest of the day, cosignify that it is bullish, no traders is expecting it to drop on the next trading day. If not some would have take profit during closing period. Can consider to add position again of tml break prior day high (at 4.80). My previous post on kepland
Mid-long term trade

CSE Global as mention by sun(follower of this blog,thx^^), close 1.17 on friday. From the chart we can see that it is breaking the short term resistance, can consider to buy/add position if it break prior day high(at 1.19 on monday). Mid-long term trade.

ChinaAoil also looks good on chart, same setup as all on top.

*** All posted above is for long term trade, STI has rise for 5 consecutive days, not advisable for trading short term.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

UE - Follow up

UE, if you have followed my previous post, tml is good time to add position again. Buy only if it cross above $2.55, cut loss $2.50 mid-long term trade.

STI which represent the overall market, has up for few days already, we might see profit taking anytime. Can consider to sell half if you are trading short term to protect your profit. Long term wise I am still quite optimistic.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Macqintinfra- Ascending triangle breakout

Macqintinfra broke out from ascending triangle pattern, setup for tml is Entry: 0.605, Target:0.74 exit 0.56, timeframe 2weeks. Due to the long candle, please buy in adequate/smaller size. If not you will end up having great loss if it hit your stop loss.

Starhub again! Can take a look at Weehur

Starhub today close 2.71, my previous post has mention this as good dividend stocks. My first call on this is o 29 Aug during then it was just $2.38, add position on oct 24, tomorrow can add position(at 2.72) again if you have bought, add lesser than previous position. Some people may ask "so high already still can buy meh?" Reply: You never know when will the trend change, till the trend tells you.

WeeHur, Can consider buying tomorrow if hit 0.565, the chart looks like ending its sideway trend. Possible to make steep slope upward, exit 0.53 timeframe 2week-2month.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Capitacomm; KepCorp; kepland; Osim

Previous post on Capitacomm; KepCorp; kepland; Osim can consider to add position tml if it goes higher (break prior day high). click the link for my previous analysis.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cosco Corp - Swing trade

Cosco Corp, Drop for 5days and entered the 20ma 40ma zone. CCI also in oversold position. Tomorrow can consider to enter this stock. Entry:1.86 Target: 1.98 Exit: 1.80 Time Frame: 3-5days

PLife Reit, Fragrance and STI etf also have similar setup