Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Genting SP, IndoAgri, UOB-KH

Dear readers, this will be my last post of the year!! I will be going to korea for holiday till 3rd Jan 2011, so there will not be any post during this time. Hereby, I wish everyone had a great great year ahead!!!! Happy New Year!!! =)

Genting Sp closed 2.19 with a long white candle. With a series of higher low forming, I guess it is coming into play again. Can consider entry at 2.20 tomorrow, cut loss at 2.08, initial target 2.35. timeframe: 2wk-3month

UOB-KH closed 1.77 with a long white candle, it is a sign of bullishness in this stocks if it closes at the highest point of the day, this means that all sellers had been clear out by the buyers and the buyers hold on the price. Notice that the breakout is accompanied by volume, hopefully this is the beginning of the uptrend. If you have followed my previous post, you can consider to add position tomorrow at 1.78 stoploss 1.72. timeframe 2wk-3month

Indoagri closed 2.83, bouncing off the support line, can consider to enter tomorrow at 2.84, Target will be the channel resistance around 3.07. stoploss at 2.75. Timeframe 2week-2month.