Thursday, March 31, 2011


Biosensor, after forming a low in the February market correction, the stocks rallied and break above the upper downtrend line forming a “high” point and then retrace to form another low. As this low point is higher than the February low, this is what we mention by a “Higher Low”. Having the 2 low points we can connect the 2 points to draw a uptrend support line for this stock, if there is more than 20 trading day(1month) between the 2 point, we will consider this as a mid-term trend. Another point to note is that this stock make a Higher low when STI is forming a lower low, this show that this stock has a “Stronger” trend than the market(STI). As market now is in overbought region, suggest to buy less than normal position if you want to buy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

STI outlook

STI +38 to close at 3095 today. Immediate resistant will be at 3100 and major support remains at 2920.

STI hit 3100 resistant today and retrace to close at 3095 which is above 200MA. Long term wise, we see some light, don’t worry of losing out to those who bought lower because if this confirm to be end of the downtrend, It is also beginning of uptrend so lets move in the market slowly (Buy with 10-30% of capital now for 1-3month trade). It will be better if we can see STI profit taking back to 3050-3000 level and turn back up. I am looking for a Higher High and a Higher Low to form in the index to confirm uptrend.

But short term the overall market(Global) is in an overbought position hence we do not think now is a good time to enter.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wilmar, Noble Group: Swing Short

Swing Short setup for both Wilmar and Noble Group, With moving average 20ma below 40ma, CCI overbought, we can consider to SHORT tomorrow if the price drop below previous day low.
Wilmar- Timeframe 3-5days Entry: 5.16, Stoploss: 5.24, Target: 4.96
good risk reward ratio.

Noble Group, Timeframe 3-5days, Entry: 2.06, Stoploss: 2.11 Target:1.95

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

STI outlook- red alert!

I call this the Andy Yew Long term ETF investing system. What do you think the Red arrow is telling you?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bearish Stock

STI is now below 200ma, if the index continue to stay below 3000 level for this 2week, we might be at the end of the 2year+bull run

Beside is a list of BEARISH stock you can consider to SHORT tomorrow. ONLY SHORT when it go lower than previous day low.
As you can see there is alot of index stocks in the list, STI also have short signal, so those who have bought STI etf may consider to exit you position.

Alot of stocks is below support level now, i do not suggest bottom fishing/ picking low.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

STI outlook

STI -10 to closed at 3092, immediate resistant will be at 3120 which is the 50% retracement level of the index’s 315pt correction during the Jan-Feb period and support will be at 3060.

Today pullback is normal so that it will give chance for those who missed out to buy again. So long STI stays above 200MA, we expect more upside for STI. If STI breaking above 3120, we shall see the index find it resistant at 3160, and with current market sentiment we believe it will reach 3220.

Sembmar, Semb Corp, Kep Corp, STI etf are still in play, take opportunity to buy on dips while STI is pulled back.

Long term: can look at UOB, Kep Corp,

Short term: can consider UMS,Brightwor,Osim only buy if price rise above previous day high!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Semb Corp, Kep Corp

It has been long since i last posted, it is because there is really little good entry for trade to be done and my view remain the same, buy when STI crosses 200ma! Those stock i mentioned in my previous post indeed had done well this week. =)

Kep Corp: if you have bought earlier, can consider to add position if it break prior day high.

Techoil&gas: Can consider entry if it break prior day high

STI ETF: hold for long term, buy only when it go >3% higher

Take a look at SEMB CORP, closed 5.04, mid term wise can consider entry if price break above previous day high. Entry 5.08, Stoploss 4.70 Timeframe 1-3month. Target ard 5.70