Sunday, October 24, 2010

Osim, C&O Pharm,UE. Starhub,

Osim, closed 1.14 on friday. From the chart, we can see that resistance line has been broken, our system also show that it is time to add position, Can consider to buy buy if it break prior day high (1.17) and remember to buy less than your first position. My previous post on osim

C&O Pharm, my first post on this stocks, i find that this stocks is consistently moving upward, buy signal on our system, can consider going in if tml breaks prior day high.

Here is the list of other stocks that you can consider buying on monday, for people whos is more risk adverse can consider to buy more starhub, Another stocks with alot potential to move parabolic is UE (United Engineer). Can consider to buy stocks in this list if it breaks prior day high.

p.s All mentioned above is for mid-long term.