Sunday, November 7, 2010

Noble grp, Kepland,CSE global

Noble grp close 2.03 on friday. My previous post on noble called for sell due to the stock running out of the trend, now that it had resume its uptrend movement, can consider to buy if it break prior day high( 2.05 on monday). Mid long term trade, stop loss at $1.98.

Kepland closed 4.79 at the highest of the day, cosignify that it is bullish, no traders is expecting it to drop on the next trading day. If not some would have take profit during closing period. Can consider to add position again of tml break prior day high (at 4.80). My previous post on kepland
Mid-long term trade

CSE Global as mention by sun(follower of this blog,thx^^), close 1.17 on friday. From the chart we can see that it is breaking the short term resistance, can consider to buy/add position if it break prior day high(at 1.19 on monday). Mid-long term trade.

ChinaAoil also looks good on chart, same setup as all on top.

*** All posted above is for long term trade, STI has rise for 5 consecutive days, not advisable for trading short term.