Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yoma Strategic - Stock Analysis

Yoma Strategic Holdings is a diversified conglomerate in Myanmar, its business include property development, automotive, consumer-related, tourism, logistic and agriculture. In the recent Q3 financial report, Yoma posted Q3 net profit drop by 98.7% from S$25.2 million to S$0.3 million. Earnings per share dropped from 1.45 cents to 0.02 cents. Thou the news was bad, but it did not crash the stock, to me that is a better news, it means the stock price is holding strong.

In early march, Yoma stock price surged above $0.64 and this is the first time in 2 years that it had made this high. It was a good sign to me as new high also means it is uptrending. However recently the price start falling sharply, this show that short term is weak. Support is seen around 0.56, as long as it does not fall below the support it shall be fine. However if price can move above the 60 cents, that will be better as all good trending stock usually are above the 200ma