Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bearish stocks u should not be holding

These are stocks that have fallen into the bearish zone. We should not be holding in our portfolio, and also should restrict ourself from buying these stocks. Stay far far away! look for stocks that is resilient from falling, those stocks have more potential to go higher. (e.g coscocorp, noble grp, kep corp, sembmar, hi-p, supergroup...etc). Email me if u are not sure what is good and what is not.

After the sell down in late January, many retail investor might want to look for some bargains. Some may have already been holding onto these stocks and now wish to average down.

Personally, I don't practice the "average down" method, and i always tell readers to average up instead(e.g osim). Why? It is because, when we buy the stocks and it goes up. It means we are correct in predicting the direction of the stocks, hence we should add position when we are right. This is also mean that we are risking the profit, but not more of our capital.