Friday, April 20, 2012

A look at Yanlord and Genting SP Chart!

Yanlord, currently trading at $1.26 though it is outside the long term uptrend channel. Now it just broken the mid-term downtrend line. This means that it is possible for it to turn back into the uptrend channel. For risk taker, can enter now at $1.26 , Stoploss at 1.17 mid to long term trade. Another good sign:RSI above 50, MACD above 0 line.

Well if you are not comfortable, can always wait for confirmation, meaning: wait for it to go higher into the channel.

Genting SP now trading at 1.671, Break out of the long term channel some time back. Now short term is at support line. If enter now the stoploss can put below the low of 2-3 previous bar. $1.685? If you draw the moving average of Genting SP, you will also see this stocks is supported by 10,50,100,200MA. Looking good, keep a watch on this!