Saturday, July 31, 2021

Up 100%: Grand Venture (SGX:JLB)

Grand Venture Technology Limited (“GVT”) is a fast-growing and trusted solutions and services provider for the manufacture of complex precision machining and sheet metal components and modules. 

GVT manufacturing plants in Singapore, Penang (Malaysia) and Suzhou (China) are backed by the latest automated computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing technologies, Class 10,000 cleanroom facilities and a certified quality management system. 

Harnessing these, GVT highly experienced and dedicated team of engineering talent has been serving a strong global network of established partners and suppliers with GVT wide range of engineering, assembly, testing and product life cycle management solutions. Our ISO13485:2016 certification bears further testament of GVT ability to consistently meet applicable regulatory requirements for the manufacture of medical devices. 

GVT’s portfolio of customers hail from the semiconductor, electronics, life sciences, medical and industrial automation industries, and represent some of the largest OEMs in their respective markets.