Monday, July 2, 2012

Singapore Stock Outlook - Ezion Holding, GLP

After Dow Jones jumped  2.2% on Friday, alot of friends is actually calling me to ask whether it is good time to get into Singapore stocks. The golden question after that is always which Singapore stock can we buy? As we have mention on previous few post, property sector in strength and Market More Bullish. Now, the question should be whether this upturn will last or not? Well, we remain to stick to our profitable rule: "The trend remain the same until it ends"

 Ezion Holding, currently traded at $0.92. Previously if you followed the previous post you should entered at $0.86 and right now sitting with some good profits ya! Congrats! If you missed the first signal, now we have another one coming out for Mid term trade, a good entry will be 0.935 stoploss can place at 0.88 or 0.86. Target 1.03 and 1.20.
GLP, current trading at 2.09. Looking at the chart now it is near it's support and turning up. Good entry is 1 bid above previous day high 2.10. Stoploss should be around 2.00 if it breaks the supporting trend line. Target will be 2.20 follow by 2.40.