Thursday, March 6, 2014

KLSE stock - EngTex hit first profit Target

We have no idea what stock is this, what business they do, what price they will go to but we know the risk that we are taking is manageable and the probability of success is there. On 19 Feb 2014 we posted Entex bullish setup with stoploss at $1.61. It did not hit the stop, now it is at $2.00 our first target price reach just in 3 week. This stock is still on uptrend, however if you are short term trader can consider to take profit and wait for another setup. For mid term trader pls adjust stoploss to $1.83 so to guarantee your winnings.

Inari another good uptrending KLSE stock, been watching this stock but have not make any plan yet. Now this is in my watchlist. Will update if there is a good setup to trade this counter. Currently buy zone will be around $1.70-1.80 area.