Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ying Li International - Recover from the bottom?

Ying Li International have been trading in side way for quite some time, it could have mean selling pressure is reducing, price starts to stable and finally our ART system show 1st buy signal. Strong support level at 0.265 and resistant is 0.29, if this resistant level can be broken, the next resistant is likely at 0.32. If enter, place stop loss at 0.26

Company Background

Formerly known as Showy International Limited, the Company was listed on SESDAQ on 28 July 2003. It was renamed Ying Li International Real Estate Limited after the reverse take-over of Fortune Court Holdings Limited (“Fortune Court”) and its subsidiary, Chongqing Yingli Real Estate Development Co Ltd (“Chongqing Yingli”) and Chongqing Yingli’s subsidiary Chongqing San Ya Wan Aquatic Products Integrative Trading Market Development Co., Ltd on 26 September 2008.Chongqing Yingli engages principally in the development, sale, rental, management and long-term ownership of high quality commercial and residential properties in Chongqing. Both internal and external resources are used to market its properties. Certain commercial properties that Chongqing Yingli has developed may be retained by it so as to enhance the value of the projects on an ongoing basis through quality property management services.Chongqing Yingli also focuses on the development and construction of restorative projects of old living quarters in the urban districts of Chongqing. This business model of undertaking development involving urban renewal is a unique aspect of its business, with the reconstruction of old city areas into high quality and first-class design developments.

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