Monday, October 20, 2014

Strong Trend Stock trading in Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Many friend ask me about what stock to buy in Hong Kong, they are excited about the HongKong China stock exchange link, hence i did some work on ART system screener, manage to find some stock that is uptrending in less than 10minute. 

These are stock that is stronger than the market, if you want to stop worrying about the market, you have to trade stock that is stronger than the market. If you buy stock following news, you have to keep on following news, and that leads you to make emotional decision to sell off your shares in panic times and buy too many shares when everyone is greedy. 

Below is some of the share with good trend even when market is bad. they are still standing strong, 2 are pharmaceutical stocks. Trend change if it start turning down more than 10%, im not putting stoploss for you here, please DYODD. Do your own due deligence