Monday, September 5, 2016

Market Updates 5 September 金融行情

Last Friday US Non Farm payroll was less than expected, result in lower chance of interest rate hike in September. US Unemployment rate still maintain at 4.9% which means there is still possibility of rate hike this year, expected date is in December.

美国8月非农就业表现不及预期,从而导致市场有关美联储可能在本月晚些时候加息的预期减弱。 12月份加息预期升温。 受制造业和建筑业雇佣人数下降拖累,美国8月非农就业人数新增15.1万,表现不及预期,虽然失业率维持在4.9%未变,但这基本将美联储本月加息的可能性抹去,不过此前两月非农就业人数的靓丽表现仍为美联储12月加息留下可能性。

This few week HK market is good following US market, last week HSI make new High, friday close at 23266, strong sector in Hong Kong is Property sector and Car Maker
Hong Kong & china market is now bullish, due to the news of Shenzhen Hong kong connect,
國務院正式批准《深港通實施方案》 預計準備工作約需時四個月,意味年底前將正式通車.

Previously mentioned as long as Shanghai index above 3000, it is bullish, now it is 3067. In 2015 after the Hk SH connect, the index rally from 2500 to 5100, this time Shenzhen connect, we now at 3100, market may repeat the rally. Investor can look at China bank stocks, or securities firm. Or the A50 ETF listed in SGX - Uetf China SSE A50 

Singapore market is weak , even when US and HK market moving higher, STI last week break into 2 month low, as long as STI cannot rise above 2900 it remain as weak.
Weak sector in Singapore right now is Oil sector. Bank stock, Telco.
Strong Sector is REITS. watching Mapletree Com, Capitacom