Monday, May 7, 2012

QAF - Gardenia Bread company

Gardenia - So Good You Can Even Eat It On Its Own. Very familiar tag line...

QAF closed 0.735 on Friday, Long term trend up, mid term trend up, and Short term is also turning up. Comparing to many other stocks in the market, this stock is consider a strong trending stock. Why say so? Because most stock is on downtrending mode right now, especially those popular stock and blue chips we are familiar. We got a buy arrow on last wednesday, not triggered yet and we are waiting for the price to break above previous day high. A good entry will be 0.74 for tomorrow, stoploss 0.705, timeframe 2week to 2month.
A longer term view on this stock, this stock has been ranging from 0.54 to 0.80, recently it breaks the 2010 high. Volume picking up, if this stock can stay above the resistance we might see alot more upside.

I believe most people is not familiar to this stock, even me myself is not so familiar. You can do your homework on the following links: Check the company on their website:
Some fundamental info for QAF on businessweek website, not that the stock will be giving out dividend on this coming tuesday.

This stock may not be your first choice for a dividend stock, though it has been paying dividend almost every year but the dividend payout timing and amount is not so consistent