Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Biosensors - Short Signal

Biosensor closed 1.27 today after hitting on the support turned resistance trend line(Black line). If you have followed my previous post you might have entered the trade but then you probably just lose a small amount on that bet. However for those who have attended my class, where i teaches how to catch reversal during sharp fall. You probably manage to not to entered. Anyway, trading is not about winning all the time, the most important is to catch the trend in the market. Win big and Lose small. that's why i always mention where is the cut loss.
Ok enough story, remember we drew the trendline channel?  Biosensor hit the resistance and turned back. our ART System also gave a signal, the set up will be Short Entry = $1.25, Stoploss= $1.35 First target $1.12 follow by $0.97 Timeframe 2weeks++