Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some Stock Back to Bullish mode

SembMar closed $5.00 today, based on the chart it previously was "out of the trend" after dropping for almost 3weeks, right now it seems that the price started to turn around. Looking at the chart, now the price is heading back into the uptrend channel. If price stay above the supporting uptrend line, we will assume that the trend continues to go up. For those who are bullish on Sembmar, a good entry is probably when the price break above previous day high(e,g 5.02) Stoploss if below the recent low (e,g 4.86). Timeframe >2weeks
Olam closed at $1.99 today, similar to the above Sembmar Chart, now Olam starts to turn up, a good entry will be a bid above previous day high (E.g 2.00) stoploss can place below the recent low(e.g 1.83). It the stoploss price is quite far away from the entry, hence if want to enter this trade, you might consider a smaller size or use the formula [allowable Loss/ (Entry-exit)]. Timeframe >2weeks