Monday, November 19, 2012

Some strong stock that don't really fall - Part 2

 ARA closed 1.63 on Friday, so far uptrend still intact, resistance at $1.615 "in the process" of breaking the resistance.
 Fortune REIT $HK6.44, very smooth uptrend since beginning of 2012. So far has not been affected by the fiscal cliff selloff.
SilverLake Closed $0.46 on Friday. Not many people have heard of this company, but probably time to take a look and understand why this stock is so strong?
IT solution company that has an installed base in Asia and Middle East exceeds 85 customers including 40% of the Top 20 largest banks in South East Asia.
Osim closed $1.65 on Friday, strong uptrend but right now is consolidating. Short term support can be at $1.61, if goes lower than that we must be careful. Wait for price break above previous day high for a good entry.

Part 3 coming... UtdEnvirotech, civmec