Monday, November 19, 2012

Some strong stock that don't really fall

 SinoGrandnes Close $0.485 for small cap, this stock is consider abnormally strong comparing the chart pattern with most chart. Is big boys accumulating? So far most stocks has fallen, if this stock is still standing strong, the share holders must be very confident with the price going higher soon right? Lets see.
 Frasercomm close 1.215, rebound strongly on friday, hasn't fallen much since STI started correction. For investor who is waiting to buy REITS at good price, probably now can start to accumulate if you think this is a good dividend stock. Dividend Yield at this price 5.5%.
FrasersCT close 1.965, strong up trend currently taking a break. Dividend Yield at this price 5.1%. Will this be the good point to add position?

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Some strong stock that don't really fall - Part 2