Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weak Stock to watch out - Part 3

Dear Friends,

Recently we have seen the market turning down sharply for most of the penny stocks, last week Monday we already mention that if the market continue to fall Penny stock rally may end soon and remind our client to REDUCE position.. Indeed soon after, we see a Sharp fall in the penny stocks. We have also mentioned that Property sector is currently the weak sector, which until now it is still weak.

Our previous post on Weak stocks: 

If fact more stock start to form the "Turn down" pattern if you see it with our chart. Many stock turn from blue to red. Especially those popular ones like below. We need to be careful on the downside risk, below are some strong stock that recently turn weak.

Yoma Strategic, closed $0.75 on wednesday. The trend has been running from 0.39 to as high as 0.925 since September till now. More than 100% gain so far. But what we see now is the price has violated the trendline support. Will this be the signal for a end of trend or this stock is taking a break?
 Sino Grandness Food, closed $0.835. Quite similar to Yoma Chart, this stock also run up more than 100% since last year September. Now it is showing us the new Red arrow.
Genting Singapore, closed $1.51. Had a great rally since Dec but now also seems weakening.