Friday, June 21, 2013

Yoma is Still Strong?

This morning STI drop more than 60 point this morning and recovered. I believed that many people already went in to the market to buy. Most people will buy the stock that fall the most, because it is cheap. but to us, those stock that is cheap, is because big fund managers are selling it off first. Stock that is still expensive means fund managers are still holding it.

Well, we mention previously, market will take some time to come back. Base on our past experience on correction, we always look for counters that is more resilient during correction.
Alot of time when market recover, they will tend to move higher.

Yoma has been quite resilient as compare to most stocks in the market. currently still bullish uptrend. Can monitor this stock, if market recover(now still not yet) this counter might have potential.

Even though market has rebounded for the past few day, this is still not enough to tell the mid term trend change. However the price movement did tell that there are some buying activities in the market. If you want to buy something, now can consider to invest 10-20%. BUT at the same time do prepare to cut loss.

For yoma, stoploss can place at $0.87