Thursday, June 13, 2013

Market Outlook - Will market stop dropping soon??

Don't try to guess how far a trend will go. You can't. Peter Borish, former second-in-command for Paul Tudor Jones, lays bare the only concern a trader must have: "Price make news, not the other way around. The market is going to go where a Market is going to go."?

I mentioned "Is this a Market Correction(Yes), this is the second correction we are facing since the FEB to APR correction. So will this time last for 1-2 month that long? I am not sure about that, i will just wait for market to tell me when it will be back. Now is beginning of mid term downtrend, people who shorted will hope that the downturn last as long as possible."
It might last for month, right now we are in an extended downtrend. Hence if u  have attended my talk you will understand how we will enter the market again. Remember Wait for 3 day! Wait for market to stablise, dont catch the falling knife. 
By the way, we dont really care for support for now, we will just cover "some" of our shorts when market 3 day not falling anymore.